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Reincarnation (Reverend Insanity Fanfic)


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MC who has read RI completely using translated and MTL chapters, and continuously reads RI for about a 100th time suddenly reincarnates into the world of RI in the character of Mo Bei. He tries to figure out the path to survival using his profound understanding of the world of RI. He is a truly hardcore fan of RI and hence remembers even the minute details in each of the 6 books. He plans to use this advantage to secure his survival without affecting the flow of history in the novel. Follow Mo Bei in his journey to figure out the truths behind the Transmigration of Otherworldly Demons, and his eventual(?) return back to Earth. ✵ It is not recommended for those who haven't read upto translated chapters of RI. For MTL spoilers I would mention them with ### (3 hash) whenever they appear. You can chose to skip reading it. I will try to keep those spoilers at a minimum and mostly use info only upto the Fate war arc which is covered under translated chapters. I also post on Royal Road and Fanfiction site. ✵ Also include side stories of Fang Yuan's travels to other worlds such as DN


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