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Rebirth: Over the Horizon


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What is Rebirth: Over the Horizon

Read Rebirth: Over the Horizon novel written by the author Stylish_Demon on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Horizon] A Virtual world where people did the things that they can't do in reality. But. Who would have thought that the world will end and the powers you accumulated on the game came to reality? I was just a casual player. I think everyone would be a casual player. I was a top graduate, had a beautiful girlfriend, handsome face, overwhelming charm. I was nearly at the peak of time. Why did the world end at that time? 'Damn you, God.' 'You made me lose my parents, you made my talent worthless.Now you made me lose my life.' That's was my last word before my life ended. Rebirth!? I think God, was ashamed of himself and gave me a second chance to redeem himself. 'Haha...I will become True God of this time' --- Visual trailer: https://youtu.be/IQt3zGI7omMhttps:// dynamic.webnovel.com/book/20631625706400305?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4317806097 A.N: What is novel? That is a limitless imagination. Then, why there is logic in it? Readers who are enjoying my novel, I don't like logic like if MC is strong his IQ will be low or If MC is intelligent, his build will be poor, etc. Our MC will be excellent in all the things he knew, So who didn't like that please don't comment or review. Even if you do so I can't change that. Word count: 1200-1400 Daily 1 chapters at 10 A.M If we reached 1M views or 10k collections, I will promote daily release into 2 chapters. Notice: 100 P.S- +1chapter 200 P.S- +2chapter 400 P. S- +3chapter ..... and so on.... Stay tuned! Share it! Support it! Cover is not mine! If anyone wants to create art for my novel, please contact : shreekamalesh167@gmail.com


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This book is unique , it's different from other MMORPG books I've ever read . The descriptions are detailed and vivid . The MC is interesting , and I also like the story development . It's surely a recommended book.


As this is the Tenth review, I have decided to review this. First, this was something I just wrote on a strike but, later it really developed into a good novel. 80 chapters have been uploaded at this time, and with 82 loyal fans, I got a lot of clearance in building the future chapters. Thank you. Any new readers just read the first 5 chapters, and you can really rate my novel with that.


Is this a novel where they actually go to the part where the game merges with real life Cause most stories just have them playing the video game for almost the whole story


................................................................ ....................I like this story.................... ................................................................


Author-san the novel synopsis is somewhat, complicated... but it is mostly like Video games novel, so for now I will follow this novel. Waiting for more chapters...


lemme tell you a little story about a boy.. ahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha


so in summary, grammar= 1/5 everything else= 5/5 The story is wonderful, the characters have depth. the grammar is a godless afront to mother nature


Such a shame, the story got me really hooked but the writing quality makes it a headache to read and understand. Fast passed, the story is going fast, random things happens when there is already something going on. Characters interactions could be more deep and meaningful, tbh I didn’t feel that much emotions and thoughts behind the conversations. Also I don’t quite yet understand the MC on a deeper level, he just does stuffs.


This story is alright. First thing you notice is writing quality, which is poor. It sounds like a non-native speaker wrote it. I can't really comment on update stability, so I gave it 5 stars. Story development is pretty basic, and I was hoping to feel...more. It's somewhat superficial and honestly required some deeper thought. MC's just running around completing tasks right now without thinking much. Honestly feeling a little bored. Character is pretty basic. Props to actively choosing not to have a Harem. World background is a little disappointing at this point in the story. There's random GM interference to make the journey harder for the MC. It seems highly unnecessary. Also, he decided to add Gods and God's apostles early and make the MC into one, which seems a bit much. I don't know. Honestly just expect more, since the story has a lot of potential.


The story proluge is good but please fix the skill usage like mp cool down and it takes to much time for the development to takes place make the story more details


Well, I was reading novels at dreame and wattpad for past few years. I only downloaded web novel at my friend's recommendation. but, this one really has a lot of potential. Author-chan don't drop it.


hmmmmm, has potential but author needs someone like a editor to add his piece into the novel.Like with the info and stuff it doesnt really flow together.


A demanding synopsis indeed, very demanding. Anyway the work is still Young but I can see the potential. I hope the author will not drop it, by reasoning. Just a reminder, I truly love this. Don't drop.


atleast you kept your word about actually making a apocalipse story instead of stretching the vr portion to be 90% of the story. hello


Cons: The grammar is horrid and is almost nonexistent, a few characters feel unnecessary and I just hate even if they have a purpose, such as the sister. She might give the MC a purpose, but it's bad if I hope she dies in every single chapter she is in. The novel uses a ridiculous amount of cliches and is like I said, inconsistent. For ex. in one of the early chapters which was a small example, The notification literally notified him it was nora in front of him but he asked himself where nora is (as if she's not there). Also in one chapter the author forgot to add a description of a class and said they would as soon as possible, its been a month since. The rules that the author makes are inconsistent for example at one point the MC sadly states he can't use a spear because he's a warrior, and then comments right after that classes can use any weapon. Then a few paragraphs later he begins using a spear which I don't know how he has, because according to him warriors start with a sword and shield. He then instead of being a warrior becomes a mage, which is acceptable, but using the very same logic from earlier he shouldn't be able to use a spear but does. Pros: The story seemed bearable and maybe a decent read if the grammar was fixed. Not too many here. Giving it two stars because it actually kept me reading like 5 chapters.


the translation to English is rough. this novel would probably present well in the authors native language. unfortunately the character development and interaction between characters results in no development with the main character being overpowered with a domineering personality.


I have to say this, the story was really good👍, it had vivid details and story building was very unique and like the plot very much. A hidden jewel, I think it will soon became a famous book.


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