Rebirth of the Phoenix God
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Rebirth of the Phoenix God


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What is Rebirth of the Phoenix God

Rebirth of the Phoenix God is a popular web novel written by the author MotivatedSloth, covering CHEAT, FANTASY, PHOENIX, MAGIC, GROWTH, ROMANCE, FIRE, BLOODLINE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.2M readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 36 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 180 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Within less than a day of the Inquisitor’s arrival, Fen ends up bound to the stake. As he stares down at the face of the friend who sold him out, the stakes are lit as the execution begins. "I will burn you for this treason!" Those words resounded in Fen's mind as his body gave up, releasing his soul into the flames Only for it to be cleansed, and reborn from the fires! Now, the age of the dragon is over. It's time for the return of the Phoenix! Discord link: https://discord.gg/pJTVGZZ


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Great Novel. The story gets more intriguing, the more it progresses. Although there are not many chapters yet, from what I've seen, it's better than most novels here and good enough to hook someone. I like strong MCs and so good to see one here. I can only hope that it gets better and better as time progresses. The release rate and the grammar both are good as well. I'm amazed at how you dish out so many chapters a day, man. Have some rest once in a while :p Great work, though.


To those who are just starting to read this, you're missing out on a lot on this novel. First of all, this novel was made by the Sloth himself, and contrary ot his pseudonym, he never fails to deliver daily updates with great quality. Second of all, the plot of the story. Think cultivation mixed with western fantasy, that's what this novel is all about. I'll just tell you that because it's better for you to start reading it. Lastly, he has put in a lot of effort into this. The worldbuilding is insane, the lore is also insane, even if you think that there's a plothole in the story, you'll find out that it's not a plothole in the first place. What are you waiting for? Go read the novel!


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I've tried it cause it had good reviews but its realy not good the characters and the world realy everything is just obscure and doesn't make sense the pacing is off the mc is all over the place with obscure personality and tha's just the start even the world that i thought will intersting was done in the most idiotic of ways. realy cant recommend it sorry


Well I tried hard on this one but gave up. The story, world background etc is intriguing. But the writing is simply hard to follow. Events are only partially described, the pacing is fast and haphazard, and it is quite hard to follow the events while only an overview can be grasped. The MC is like dazed most of the time whether the start of the book, middle or even the latest chapters. The main problem is that I as a reader is also dazed most of the time as the events are described in that "dazed" manner. Overall though I cannot pinpoint exactly all the issues with the writing, it was taking too much of my brain where I expect easy to follow stuff in these web novels. And frankly this is the first time I encountered such a situation in a web novel. It could be a problem with me, so I would still say try out 20 chapters or so before deciding but personally I cannot recommend this one.


Beginning few chapters are a bit rough. dynamic and flow is fast but they are solid explaining what needs to be said. The World setting is unquie and I am enjoying this quite a lot while only brig about 41 chapters into the story. The writing style is almost done classicialy with typically printed books. a little rushed but with daily updates happening I don't blame the author. Writing style and Descriptions of the Settings are perfect. Such as things are seen as per the Character not so much like as if you were to hit pause and and do a 360 look around. Author is keeping MC on track and while I can say from what I seen Plot armor is thick yet transparent, it is explained simply as it should be. Following that thought what story isn't heavy with it. As of now from what I have seen this book is well written and not very many grammatical errors are present. So A+ there. All worlds take time to Develope and with the MC being from a small village and no real knowledge of outside world he paces along nicely. Keep it up.


This novel may not have the action young master troupe from the get go like chinese novel, what it has is the harem vibe. Girls will fall into MC'c lap no question asked. A damn priest girl will get all touchy touchy with MC. And MC will flirt even after watching his master who took care of him from childhood and his first love to get tortured and burnt to death by the same church of the priest girl. MC don't feel like a normal human ****. As much as author tries to take pride in saying that the novel is slow paced with great world building, all that explanations appears to be introduction of a wet dream romance of a horny **** where he would have harem of girls with different character like one horny, one innocent nerd.... etc.


great story and thank you for novel .


it's a pretty good book u could catch urself getting caught up in maybe that's just me but the book is amazing keep up the good work author


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I only read a few chapters but I could already see that this is promising~! I got confused at first, but still, I would give it a chance because I could sense potential in this story. I really like the start, it sets the mood and it gets readers attention. I will keep reading. Keep it up!






no smut? still great though keep up the good work xp........................................................................................






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