The moment Su Ming said those words, the old man who had grabbed White Five's tail laughed loudly, and the originally gloomy expression on his face due to White Five not cooperating with him disappeared without a trace.

"Not bad~ As expected of my good disciple. Those words are far too domineering!"

The old man let go of White Five's tail and placed his hands behind his back. He moved next to Su Ming and stood beside him while staring at the white-robed man, who was now smiling pleasantly.

"You son of a b*tch, what are you doing here?!" the old man shouted angrily.

The moment he said that, the man in white frowned. Only the old man before him would dare to say such words before him in all of Ancient Zang.

"Oh wow, you're even frowning? Even when you frown, you're still a son of a b*tch!" the old man shouted out loudly while glaring at him.


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