41 Chapter 40: Who am I 2

Shawn p.o.v

I heard the sound of glass being smashed out of nowhere. I quickly got up from where I sat at the lobby looking around for the source. The Crashing sound was so loud it shook the building, a few staff who were present jumped in fright. Yes no one was expecting to hear that by this time of the night, the sound must have come from above I assumed it was from one of the rooms but Jazlyn was also on that floor which got me a bit worried.

wait what. Jazlyn!

My mind became unsteady and I got up without thinking and made my way up the stairs carefully. Although Jazlyn has been acting a bit different and strange than usual, this wasn't her normal bossy bitchy attitude as I knew but more of attention seeker type. Tonight she asked me to leave which I did but my guts told me to stay with her even though she wanted me to be away.

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