40 Chapter 39: Who am I part 1

"So what exactly where you up to last night?" Shawn whispered in my ear for the third time. I rolled my eyes definitely annoyed with his words, Shawn stayed in the room till morning that I was thankful for but he hasn't stopped pestering me with questions of what I was up to last night.

He thinks I was intentionally creating a chaos to gain his attention, hell no! And to think I would bother myself to such embarrasing unthinkable foolish thing to myself? That's so ridiculous and lowly to think of. Even if I wanted to gain his attention breaking stuffs in the middle of the night would be the last thing on my mind. Shawn did not want to believe me when I told him about the incident that occurred between me and the stranger. But as far as I am concerned I am telling the truth.

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