42 Chapter 41: Searching Roseville for Jazlyn Part A

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We've searched and searched all night but Jazlyn was nowhere to be found. Harley even suggested we relax and wait till morning maybe she would show up by herself, but I felt too restless to wait, I feel like something bad had happened to her, and Roberto is going to kill me for this if he finds out. 

Jazlyn is one stubborn girl to look after, she was always up to something when she is left alone. Where are you Jazzy?.

"How far? Any trace of Jazlyn?" I asked Harley who also came back from the endless search we started.


"Well I found nothing, there are no tracks or signs of her being seen or going around Roseville. I mean this town is so small you could easily find a missing new born child! where could she have wandered off to?" Harley placed both hands on his hip posing to be in thought.

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