39 Chapter 38: The uninvited

Jazlyn p.o.v

I told Shawn to get lost and leave me alone because it was my room which he did, and it got me really mad. I wondered why the people here gave us the same room to share and kept winking at us like creeps. It wasn't like Shawn and I were a couple or something. Perhaps people here in this other side of the world were strange and sometimes they got on my nerves, like the bimbo who gave me some beauty cream and nightdresses which I haven't checked yet because of how they were pushing us to get up to our room(s) I emitted the (S) because that was what they told us not what we saw. Instead of two separate rooms, they gave us one room which was oddly decorated with roses and candles. I swear to god they are weird and creepy, I don't think I can survive this.

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