38 Chapter 37: Noise from the other side

Shawn p.o.v

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"What did she mean by a dream?" Jazlyn asked me. She has been stressing about what the old lady said and why she said it will take us sometime before we can leave. Jazlyn has then been bugging me since nonstop.

"Jazlyn stop been paranoid over nothing and let me rest. It's not that bad here." I tried convincing her, maybe she would restore her hate for me and leave me, it seems to work faster.


"I am not paranoid, I am only concerned and a bit restless." She replied sounding tensed and worried.

"What is there to be bothered about or else you have a sinister plan going on in your mind." I checked her out from the corner of my eyes, she was pacing to and fro her beautiful long red hair bouncing behind her.

"Don't you get it, we came all the way from our home in spain running away from things I can't explain and now we are here in Roseville or whatever this place is called doing what?"

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