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Pokemon: Mythical Master


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A young man from earth on his way home saves a little girl from an accident and gets hit by a truck instead in the process. He finds himself on the road quickly bleeding out with people screaming and gathering around him. He closes his eyes thinking his life is over only to open them again and find himself reincarnated as a baby. But that's not all.. He's reincarnated in the World Of Pokémon! Elated at the endless possibilities of his new (and favourite) world and a second chance to live life all over again.. he decides to become the Best Pokémon trainer the world has ever seen and live his life to the fullest with no regrets. Will he be able to realise his dream of being the best or will he fail trying like so many others before him? - I guess you have to read to find out. __________________________________________ About the story - Strong & Mature MC (Not a Wuss) | Smart MC| Cool and Powerful Pokémon | Adventure | A bit more realistic world | General Cannon Fodder Death | Romance | R - 18 | Harem (Proper Harem) | NO NTR | And Much More. This is not a total Gritty/Angsty/Dark story like i know some of you like and prefer.. though those moments are present in the story when it is required. Like - If killing is required then killing it shall be.. No internal monologue or 'I won't be like them' or any of that Bullsh-it. - I'm sick and tired of MC's either being straight Stupid/Idiot or being plain Evil / Having a very bad personality problem. Like.. Always cold with a permanent scowl on his face. Always giving a 'Fake Smile' and thinking everyone is beneath them. Just NO. My MC will be different. He'll be a nice and (generally) helpful guy.. But.. Try to be a gangster and he won't hesitate to break your bones or just slit your throat. Disclaimer - I do not own any content regarding Pokémon. Just my OC's and this story. All rights regarding Pokémon belong to Nintendo and Niantic.


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