Playful Hearts On A Boundary Line [BL]
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Playful Hearts On A Boundary Line [BL]


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What is Playful Hearts On A Boundary Line [BL]

Playful Hearts On A Boundary Line [BL] is a popular web novel written by the author K_Contiello, covering BL, R18, ROMANCE, YAOI, LGBT, ACTION, FRIENDSHIP, DRAMA, MODERN, EROTICROMANCE, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 546.8K readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 202 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Johan came from a past full of dark secrets. After his first love/best friend cheated on him, he left their rural town and lived for a fresh start in the nearby city, portraying an innocent persona. For years, he kept everyone out of his private life, but the mystery he’s hiding captivated Adrian, a man with an unsatisfied relationship with his girlfriend. Despite their apparent attraction to one another, a line kept them from acting on their feelings. But when Johan outed himself in a drunken confession, things took a drastic turn. On the day he decided to distance himself from his handsome workmate, Adrian appeared on his doorstep and invited him for a walk. Blinded by desire, Johan gets tangled in an insatiable affair that challenged his beliefs, awakened his feelings, and roused his fears. As they ventured between the boundaries of love, lust, and friendship, Johan’s secrets resurfaced one by one, and Adrian’s in for a wild, dangerous ride. ——— Warnings: Oh, hey! So you've decided to click on it. Great! Just a little heads up, though. If you're looking for a BL Fairytale where MC is an innocent cinnamon roll and ML is a gay Prince Charming, you've clicked the wrong book. This story depicts a grey side of gay relationships not everyone would dare to tackle. It's a sinfully forbidden love story. Oh, and sex scenes are unfiltered and descriptive. Readers discretion is STRONGLY advised. ——— Gold Tier Winner of WPC# 125: LGBT+ Pride Month Cover Art: It belongs to me. I drew it, folks! *proud face*

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This book has brought me out of my reading apathy, for lack of a better word. It has me hooked after just a few chapters and I’m once again excited and willing to read more than a couple of chapters a day! Give it try! The characters are so realistic and I was drawn to them, especially the protagonist, Johan ( I feel like he’s my twin, except he’s male and gay 😂). The author’s writing style is just right (for me). No huge plot holes (thus far), the grammar is fine (very few errors) so reading is not a chore, and the story development is going at a nice pace as well.


This book so far has been great and keeps grabbing my attention. Personally I never really read books that switch to the different points of views of characters. So when I started reading I actually became interesed in this type of writing style. It really helps seeing the different points of views and gives more perspective of each character. Which sometimes you dont get to see in some novel writings. Also the love story is just as great, and is a must read recommendation for anyone I tell about Webnovel.


I'll give this one every star there is. I don't know why,but I was avoiding this for a while , it was recommended so many times before I decided to dive in to it. I can't say anything bad about this one. Oh boy it has been a wonderful ride. 😁 I just love every character in this novel. The author has really put an effort in creating a story for everyone. the MC Johan is an absolute gem 💎. Just love everything about him😘❤. He is funny and, wild and has this amazing confidence but at the same time he is sensitiv and you want to fight beside him along with all the boys😉😁. The story keeps unfolding and gives you nice surprises you just can't wait to read the next chapter. Sometimes you feel that you need a breather, because you're so invested in the characters feelings and what happens,but it is a wonderful feeling when the writing takes you on a rollercoaster with you're feelings.The author don't spare us from any detail and I just want to🙌🙌 for being brave in your writing. Just keep on the good work and bless us with you're writing. 🙏❤


I really love the story normally I wouldn't read something like this cause I'm a bl yandere fan but this story is really nice the update are also good I would recommend this story if anybody is willing its a nice one💟💟💟💟


Know guys this ongoing Novel piece is totally hook me up overload, I am thrilled and excited for the future meaningful progress !!!. Author keep up the good work. Support you all the way 🤭🤗😉💗💕 Author like you intentionality quite relate my real life story but it's great 👍 I love it 🙃💖


This book keeps you engaged and eager for more! The characters are likeable, relatable and just overall relatable! You will definitely be screaming in frustration at some of their choices! But I'm sure just as me and other fans are hoping all things will work out in the end.... hopefully...?


great book, i have fun reading it, the flow of the story is good and easy to digest kinda book for me .. thnks author sama your book keep me company in my days off


The Author is doing an awesome job! This is a well written story and it is so easy to get lost in each character I can hardly wait for the updates


Author, I really want to read all the chapters in your book but my eyes betrayed me. Argh! I'm too sleepy. This book is very an interesting one tho I got confused at first (maybe because I read the prologue so, I need to read the synopsis again to refresh my memory) it's very an interesting book I can't wait to read more of this. Excited on how the characters development. Fighting.


This is really good I really recommend you read this book cause it's so addicting. I love the story plot and the characters as well. So good 😊


Good read. Like everything about it. But wish the uploads were faster. Anyway I recommend this to anyone who likes this type of genre. Enjoy!!!!!


This book keeps you engaged from the get go and keeps you wanting to read more to know what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. I'm particularly in love with Johan's character and his personality. I currently started reading this book and can't wait to read more of it.


What can I say this book got me and i must say this author is something, i think this book should definitely be turned into a series cuz the story line is awesome ❤️❤️❤️


I love the way you detailed there stories. The storyline is so interesting and understandable. I really love there stories and not planning to end reading it so soon.


So..after I red the 96chapters within 2 days I‘m absolutely in the story and fallen for Adrian and Johan. The writing is amazing and I‘m so happy that I found it by chance..but the 5 stars coming by choice. Thanks to the author..it left me overwhelmed and longing for more..❤️


I just started reading this book and it really good and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great novel to read don't know why someone did not recommend it to me before.


the story line is one of my favouritei love the character in the story .and when it comes to Johan well he is the best character in here he is hot blooded and he can stand up for him self but overall this is an amazing story


The book overall was amazing and the plot well thought. I would give it a five star if I didn't know a story where ... ... Enaëlle [Ae-nah-elle] Loreanne Montella is a girl living with an physically abusive mother who is relentless in making her life a living hell for unjustifiable reasons . Her sister is the only one who escapes their mother, Théa's wrath as she's her favorite child. Ena's sad life is also plagued by an unknown disease which gnaws away at the remnants of her sanity everyday, yet she can't find any of these hardships enough reasons for her to give up on her life. And that mainly because of her love for her sister whose been her only anchor after the death of their father, Mark ,who brought away with him the family's happiness permanently. But as her fate will have it, her illness fits ,which bring her to doing the most improbable things, will drive her to new heights of mysteries when she starts speaking in an otherworldly way. The voice coming out of her dictates her to find a certain diary belonging to someone whom she thought was dead a long time ago. Follow her as she unveils shameful family secrets and horrifying stories of death and life as she fights to save her own soul.


I think this is a very interesting story and it goes along a very nice story line. Overall its an amazing sotry and i hope it does not end anytime soon![img=update]




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