Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic
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Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic


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What is Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic

Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic is a popular web novel written by the author Kyosei, covering APOCALYPSE, UNDEAD, HIDDENGEM, COLDPROTAGONIST, TRAGEDY, NOSYSTEM, PURESURVIVAL, JAPANESE, DAYANDNIGHTCYCLE, ROMANTICSUBPLOT, Horror&Thriller genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 4.45/5 and 80 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 232 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Labeled as a delinquent and bad influence, high school student Kyosei Ichinose choose to stay out of the people around him, indulge himself to his headphones, pick fights against other people and stay alone. He was later famous for being a dangerous fellow that even his fellow students and his teachers feared him. One day, everything is normal until the world is now in turmoil after the appearance of a mysterious disease that turns humans into mindless cannibals, infecting humans all around the country in an alarming state. After receiving a distressed message from his former friend, he reluctantly returned only to find the school overrun by the dead. Armed with his house keys, a revolver and a duffel bag containing a few items to aid the rescue, he returned to the school without knowing why he still need to rescue a former friend.

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I will be shameless on giving my own review here. Despite the grammar, I hope anyone enjoys my story. Hahaha, I don't know why but it gives me a shivers reviewing my own novel. So please give my story a chance and add it on your library


Your story inspired me to write my own apocoliptic novel mine is terrible unlike yours Wich is fantastic thank you for this. If you would like to check out my novel please do so thank you! Alone In The Apocalypse. Or. The Boy With Blue Hair. Hope you enjoy . And thank you author for this wonderful piece of writing.


Dang a great zombie novel.. Good character development although a fast pace it's still a form of originality.hahjsjfkfjrjrjejahsudufurkrmrmrmemmejejdjcucufjr


A really good story the only problem is that a DAY in the story is equals to 1 whole arc.. and the mc is kinda stupid likes to tie up his enemy and leave.. when it is a apocalypse setting there should be no mercy for the enemy


To be honest, I didn't have the highest expectations when I was reading this. Turns out, personally I find that reading this is way more enjoyable than most post apocalyptic scenarios I've read. The MC is naturally a overpowered killing machine from the start of the story, he meets new people throughout but right now I barely see much development of the characters as we progress. The most I see is their basic backstories of why they are here or "Oh no! How will we survive? We can't let MC carry us, etc" I hope that as I get further into the story we would further expand on backgrounds of characters and their past lives. Another thing to mention is the writing quality, some sentences are badly written missing proper grammar (Barely Readable, hope you fix it or find a editor lol), with the cliche enemy rises because MC didn't finish him off and he becomes stronger trope (but at least he is strong enough to pull off situations and look bad ass,). If you can ignore these aspects of this novel and looking for a new zombie type of novel definitely try it out.


Good ol' Mary Sue syndrome compounded by plot armor. There are many grammatical errors and inconsistencies, like how he has 100 bullets for his revolver in one chapter then 200 a few chapters later. There are better apocalypse novels out there.


If you so much love apocalyptic stories then this webnovel is for you! Once you start reading this, you won't have time to think about other things because the story will pull you into its universe and you'd just keep on clicking the next pages until you realize you now have to wait for the next update! The scenes would keep you out of breath from the intense excitement, thrill and horror! It's really worth the read! Oh and this book is free to read so let's keep on supporting our dear author! 🥰


Damn! Its just an awesome novel..can't wait for the updates this is my 1st time reading this and I completed this novel in just a week. Its a damn good novel and I love zombie apocalypse😍please can't wait for d continuation of d novel


Hello Author-san! First of all I wanna thank you for using my idea and adding in to your story. It's a great honor to see the character I've thought alive in your story. So I have another idea for a new character for your story. I hope you can get some idea from this for the new character development. Character: no name yet Story: a dropout student who now became a shut-in and spend his whole day playing games, watching movies, etc. Found by Souchi and the gang when looking for a new hideout still playing in his room. Traits: have no idea about what happened to the outside world. Quite the handsome guy if not for his chunibiyo side. Clumsy sometimes but can make people admire him because of his intense focus when he's doing something (he got it from playing games). Likes challenges. View his life as some sort of a game. Have a vast knowledge about zombies (he got it from playing, reading and watching movies with zombie genres). Tend to overreact sometimes. Role: provide some humor to the story by applying his game knowledge to real life but not working just like he expects. I think he would be a great sniper in the group or maybe he can help chi in her research


I love the uniqueness of this book. How the author changes the views and how real it can be. It shows a perfect illustration of how an apocolypse happens and how deadly it can be.


Nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice


This is my second zombie apocalypse novel that I'm reading and honestly it's good but the mc should learn to trust people more even if it is only a little bit that's what I think though well it's really good you guys should try it


I really love this story cause it's full of things that boost your imagination and let you go to places that you never know can exist with the idea of friendship and loyalty.


I absolutely love this book its one of the best ive read so far. Please keep up the good work and keep writing more, I would love to read more of your work


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only got to chapter 3 but could not stand the horrible grammer. I would not read it if I were you. instead, read one of the many other zombie novels on here.


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Well the story is very interesting. The plots need a little spice but other than that the story is superbbb.....hhhhh. also if you can increase the speed of your updating


Welllll it is very interesting novel and it is inspiring me to write my own novel with the same genres well not that i am a professional. Keep the hard work


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