Our Story: Spirit Wielders
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Our Story: Spirit Wielders


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What is Our Story: Spirit Wielders

Our Story: Spirit Wielders is a popular web novel written by the author Xierryne, covering MAGIC, SUPERNATURAL, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, FAMILY, SCHOOL, MAGICAL BEASTS, SPIRITS AND DEMONS, ROMANCE, ACTION, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 630.5K readers with an average rating of 4.94/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 210 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


-- "Wrong my people, you will taste misery and despair. Wrong my loved ones, you will taste suffering and never-ending pain. Wrong my family, you will taste something worse than death itself. Mark my words." Ichijou Shizuka, a 15 years old girl living her life as a Spirit Wielder and a student-- known as both a genius in art and magic. Being the "Grand Summoner" of the Ichijou Clan, how will Shizuka face the twisted reality where she can't use magic again? What will she do to fix that? What was the cause of her mother and sister's deaths? Was there someone behind it? How will she react to the bitter reality fate has brought to her? What will she do when she stands face to face with her brought-up pasts? "The Law" that bound the clans and tribe for who-knows-how-long-- straining their freedom in their lives and throwing away possible options for them to take. Will they free themselves? Would they want to, though? The power that was given in an exchange for their freedom-- only to become one's chains and prison. Follow the adventures of the young Spirit Wielder and her friends on their journeys, finding their true goal in life while rescuing spirits along the way. -- || DISCLAIMER(S) || - This is BOOK 1 of the "Our Story" Series. It is not completed and is still serializing. Some arcs might be longer than others, as there are battles involved. The other books for the series will come when this book is finished. - The picture I used for the cover is not mine, it belongs to its artist(s). If you are the artist(s) and you want me to take the picture down, I will gladly do so ^^. - This is a work of fiction, none of it is real. If there are any similarities in organizations' names or a person's name, they are all purely accidental. - This story will update one chapter daily (unless somehow I forgot to put a timer on one of the chapters and didn't update for one day, those are purely my mistake). - Under the stage of editing; typos, grammar mistakes, mischoice of words, etc. I apologize if you received so many notifications for it. - Some of the characters' names might use the spellings for Japanese names, so if you're somehow unable to spell it out loud, just... uhh, ask me how to and I'll try my best to explain. || WARNING(S) || - There will be some killings and blood involved, but no guts coming out, so don't worry. - There will also be "slight" cursing, so... brace yourselves. - Mention of blood, demons, killing, death, etc. will be up ahead. - Anime and Japanese references (honorifics, symbols, myths, etc.) will be used in this book and will be altered a bit to match the plot. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask ^^. - Some lines of the characters might be disturbing to some (demons' lines, maniacal laughter, mention of killing, etc.). - If you're starting to feel sick when reading for too long or staring at your screen for a while, please stop reading immediately as your health is more important. -- You can reach me out on: DISCORD Xierryne#9968 --

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Wow, just wow. This story has a large world building and it’s very descriptive in both characters and its world. I enjoy the FL and the struggles, the magic, the sense of family in this novel. The author has done a great job! If you read this, you can definitely picture it as a show from scene to scene! Keep it up Author!


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I. Am. Loving. Everything. About. This. Book!!! XD From the characters to the descriptions and details, everything just wows me!! Keep it up, Author-chan!! ^^


I think I gotta write the review now cuz the story hooked me up, and I have not finish reading the whole stuff! The plots are good, the descriptions are on point, i might have a bit trouble remembering who and who at first cause too many characters appear at the same time🤣 And I like the long chapters!! made the wait worth! please keep it up, author! Im gonna anticipate the upcoming ones


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I like, scratch that, LOVE everything about his book!!! So much details and world-building. Nothing is perfect, so i don't mind some of the mistakes. Everyone makes mistake, so yeah. You have to read this book, i'm surprised it doesn't receive that much reviews XD


A very expressive novel with a ton of worldbuilding. I appreciated the story spending just enough time on the family dynamics but not getting too mired down in unnecessary details.


A perfect fantasy. The words itself makes you want to live in the magical world. I didn't realize this but the super detailed world building transported me into the world the author has created. The long chapters can be tedious for some but the lively characters are worth reading for.


This book is really amazing! I came here after i read the author's bc fanfic, and i say... this book got me hooked up, especially when im not a fan of original stories. But this one is just perfecto for me! The plots are really nice, and a lot of details put in into each chapter. The characters are unique and they have their own sides and personalities which complements each other. Im a big fan of Japanese characters, fantasy, and magic, just like bc. This story is an amazing combination of the three of them! Great work author!! I recommend those who like Animes and magic fantasies or something along the line to read this book!!! 10 our of 5 from me.


Oh!! This is soo good for the fantasy genre! I like how the author explains the detail of the characters. I definitely will recommend this to my friends who are into fantasy. Great job author!


A really amazing story with unique characters. Though the reads are a lot, there are only a few reviews, so i'm rating it a full five. If i can votefor a powerstone, i would give you a LOT. Overall, great work!


I have no words! This story is amazing, and i recommend you all fantasy readers to read this book~! The characters are amazing, and i am also somehow relating to the MC very much! There are so many readers! I can't believe only a few of them reviewed this book. I command you all to review and rate this story XD No, but seriously.


This story is so well executed and I am absolutely intrigued! you write so well, miles ahead better than what I hope to write. this is truly a very well developing novel and I am thoroughly enjoying it. the traditions and attire are simply well coordinated and the descriptions are so very vivid. you have amazing world building execution and I hope to learn from you how to execute mine. this book is really a favourite of mine now.


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