One More Time: Rebirth
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One More Time: Rebirth


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What is One More Time: Rebirth

One More Time: Rebirth is a popular web novel written by the author lynerparel, covering REINCARNATION, ALCHEMY, HIDDEN GEM, COMEDY, ACTION, STRONG-FEMALE-LEAD, KNIGHTS AND MAGIC, PAST LIFE INFLUENCES, HAREM, SPIRITYAWARDS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.35/5 and 58 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 107 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A hero defeating the demon lord dies after his victory. Seeing as his time has come to an end, he felt great regret for all the things he couldn't do. As death takes him he closes his eyes and opens them, as a baby in a brand new world. Reincarnated with his past life's memories he will do his best to live a life with no regrets.

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Hi, author here. I just needed to post this so that everyone that has read this work of mine before can understand. So there are no misunderstandings, first off, I am the original author of this work. I posted this on Wattpad and Royalroad back in my high school days. So you might remember it. Due to some reasons, I needed to remove them. Now, this might seem like that original work of mine, but I added a lot of new scenes and things. So this is a remake of that original work of mine. So I hope you guys don't go around saying I stole this. Cause how can I steal from myself? Alright, that's all I wanted to say to clarify the situation.


I just wanna ask if there are any harem and if there are then I don't wanna read it.... I hate harem I hate harem I hate harem I hate harem


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Although too early to review. It's from the same author as demon lord's reincarnation and that too a prequel so I am excited about it. Although it might look cliche but things are more difficult than MC's previous world and the first real fight did take him everything to fight. Hope author continues the momentum...


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This book has potential and i can see there is a bit of a harem genre to it and it would be such a waste if this novel go to such a path like having a wife on each race, I think the first 2 potential love interest is enough already because it tends to get very messy when authors start expanding the harem. Although I am still waiting for the author to put more depth in the surrounding like what is the name of the empire/country they belong to or even the general population of the village woudn't be bad but it is still early to whether this novel would turn out good or bad. I also notice a few mistakes in the grammar.


Finally, the book which I've waited has arrived! Hoping to see new content on the chapters. Good luck and have fun! P.S. Don't mind this text since the review should have 140 characters and I just put this to fulfill the requirements.


Nice story idea and characters. That's about all I can praise this story for. Narration is incredibly convoluted, and the story reads more like an attempt at hero's diary than a novel. If you hate novels where autor has to note out POV changes, this isn't for you since the story has no "flow". Might be a decent binge-read at +-150 chapters.


I’m gonna start with I’m really happy with this story so far as I have been reading over a hundred light novels at the same time and this one has me hooked I can’t wait to see more releases from you.


Adopted Soldier is one of my favorite books on this site, and the other book of the author demon lord's reincarnation is also pretty amazing. This story is also as good. Though the first few chapters might not seem as impressive (probably because the author said he had written those in high school), the story really picks up soon. It is amazing and the characters are really lovely. Keep it up author.


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This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes in this ****. It feels like heaven to read, I wanna take a **** much. If this novel got some drive, thank God its still alive.


Another fantastic story with a great plot and storyline This one has me on the edge of my seat “literally” lol I cant wait foe the nexT part to come out


This is a wonderful story... You will be easily hook to this book because of its mc... And most likely those women charactecters... The story is great... The characters are great... The mc is great... The fights is great... Overall a wonderful story...


Was really good and well done for the first 15 chapters then out of nowhere turns into a absolute clichefest MC turns into an idiot a hole and he's commended for it. Must of been one hell of an asshole in his previous life don't think he had no friends due to his while revenge more his hidden arrogance. In the words of someone it's another world MC can talk a train at two cause it fits for that world but can speak a language for which he doesn't even knows exist to many holes god it's such a shame was really well done for a while will continue an hope it gets better again


Remove character names and you will see the cookie cutter blandness for what it is. Honestly there is nothing special in this novel that any veteran has seen this premise done better anywhere else. Sad to see I wasted my time reading this again only to see an old comment of mines detailing how bland it is. Hopefully this review stays up.


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Overused trope with a shallow plot and laughable character development. Magic system is a joke. Passable read to waste time......................................


Amazing book. The story development everything is just amazing. If it’s okay can you guys give my book a read. It’s my first time writing. Hope you guys can support me❤️


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