Oblitus Regina [Forgotten Queen]
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Oblitus Regina [Forgotten Queen]


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What is Oblitus Regina [Forgotten Queen]

Oblitus Regina [Forgotten Queen] is a popular web novel written by the author Elise_Aigasaki, covering ROMANCE, MODERN, LOVE, MYSTERY, FICTION, MAFIA, AMNESIA, THRILLER, Teen genres. It's viewed by 36.6K readers with an average rating of 4.69/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 40 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


New link for this book: https://www.webnovel.com/book/oblitus-regina-%5Bforgotten-queen%5D_18560671206297305 "There are memories that are meant to be forgotten, in order to protect yourself." --- Naomi Shiba is an eighteen years old, med student. She is from the third richest family who mistreated her. They only see her as a tool and they raised her as a so-called "perfect heiress." How long will she be able to keep up the perfect act? Then there are these people who enter her life and make it more complicated and hellish than it already is. Just like what others say, "Don't judge your life too fast, you haven't seen the whole hell of it." --- "I will never let you go, Naomi. Don't leave me again, my queen. Stay with me, please." - Ares Inverno "Tsk. I will let you have her for now. But let me remind you, SHE IS MINE." - Hephaestus Inverno "My lady, do you hate me that much? Why won't you love me?" - Adonis Caedem "If I ever harm you, then I will leave immediately if it means you'll be safe. I missed you, the only lady of my life." - Elijah Dias "Don't let yourself fall any further. Don't...get hurt. There are people around you who's heart breaks every time you get hurt." - Kyosuke Shinshi "You don't have to be in a relationship to have that special person as your inspiration, she is my inspiration even if she is not yet mine." - Apollo Amano "Stop letting them play with your heart! If I have to hurt you just to save you from further pain, then I will!" - Chase Won P.S. This is not a harem.


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An intriguing novel. I like the way that the plot is unique yet also relatable. Overall it's great and recommendable but I'll give it a 4.6 A few scenes were cliche and some details were unrealistic. The sentences were beautifully crafted but few subtle errors are present. For a first book, I guess that's understandable. Above all, I see improvement chapter by chapter. The more the situation escalates into another level, the more you will get immmersed into the story! Given the main character, you will surely feel as if you're in her shoes! Love, forgotten memories, friendship, assassination, deceit, I love it. Great writing quality, great character development, great stunts, great twists! And most importantly, the author's message is well-delivered. I see good things ahead of you. Keep up the good work, miss author! ^_^


I just completed reading all the chapters and let me tell you, I was in love with it. The story development along with the characters is really intriguing. Definitely recommendable!! Keep up the great work author ❤❤❤


I've read 3 chapters so far and this story looks pretty good! I like the main character. She doesn't take rubbish from anyone, she stands her ground, and I feel like I can relate to her. The only thing I didn't like was the grammar. It wasn't terrible but it could use some work. Overall, this story was pretty good!


Engaging read. The characters are crafted well and the story is full of suspense. Reading each chapter makes you wonder what will happen next. The scenes are written well and they flow nicely.


The story is quite interesting. It's not your typical story. I like their personalities and how they react to certain things though there are some things that needed improvements like some words are being repetitive. Overall, a good story. Keep up the good work author! 👍👍


I like this book because it’s not that cliche and for me the story development is really good. Describing the background or where they are can really help btw! For me, more description to the world background that’s all. The writing quality, character design and story development is all great!!! Keep up, hope you make more updates! :D


Pros: The story is indeed good and enjoyable, I very much liked it. The characters have their own uniqueness which mixes well with the whole story. The only thing I can say for the opposite is that, indeed, the grammar is correct but it's a bit... rough? The sentences have too many pronouns or nouns. For example, the I's in every beginning of the sentences, but as the story goes on, it becomes better. I'm loving the book more and more, I hope you keep writing 😊


Enjoyed while reading it. I like how the story is flowing slowly and how you have described the appearance and behavior of the characters of your novel. Nice work


Reveal spoiler


Hello author! I liked the title and also the cover. It's really catchy. Like you'll be curious as to what the story is about based on the title and cover. All in all, my reading experience is great. The story is still on going, so i bet many amazing things are yet to be unfold in the future updates. I will definitely keep this in my library to keep me updated. Just lemme give my observation first. Character design here, for me, needs work. Adding descriptive words more can help. Spacing also is needed in the story. I can also see a few Tagalog words, and Filipinisms. Just be careful with that. You should also be careful w/ the grammar. Also their actions and emotions. I think it also needs work by, again, adding descriptive words to it. ☺️ In short, all needs work in terms of details even in minor ones for the readers to really have a vivid picture of what's going on in the story. ☺️ The story has a potential. Keep improving. ❤️❤️❤️


Very interesting story, character and world. But I hope you can make it feel more alive by making the characters explore the world while giving them enough parts to develop in order for the readers to feel them...


An amazing novel that we can look upon to. The story is still developing and still has a lot to offer as the story progress. But this is my initial rate to the author to show my support.


Very nice and interesting novel. I liked it very much. Gonna read it till end. Please keep updating new chapters regularly. Moreover I loved you cover. It's very attractive and eye-catching. ❤️❤️🙈


great character development characters feel alive descriptions are great writing quality is beyond good updates regular keeps you on the edge love it keep it up


Your cover is so attractive and the name is so catchy. I will continue reading but let me give you my opinion first. The first chapter is a little well, together. Keep spaces between the paragraphs. Make it less clustered. But overall a good way to start.


I'm loving the story so far, there is a nice mix of characters dealing with friendships, romance and many more known and unknown threats. The mysteries hidden in the novel makes you want to search for hidden clues to them. I recommend you to give it a read!!


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