Myriad Realms Store Manager System (Harry Potter AU)
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Myriad Realms Store Manager System (Harry Potter AU)


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What is Myriad Realms Store Manager System (Harry Potter AU)

Read Myriad Realms Store Manager System (Harry Potter AU) fanfiction written by the author tempestpanda on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, system, fanfic, harrypotter. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ten years have passed since my rebirth in the United Kingdom in 1981. Initially, I thought I would use my future knowledge to become rich after being reborn in the past, achieving financial freedom before turning 30. But on my 11th birthday, within my mind emerged a ‘ding’ sound. “Myriad Realms Store has been activated" "store owner, please accept the first task.” Apparently, I was stepping into entirely new and unknown future. However, what the hell is with this Hogwarts Acceptance Letter in my mailbox?(°△°—) my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Tempestpanda disclaimer I don't one any characters in the novel or in the thumbnail this is a translation done by me... raw: https://lnmtl.com/novel/myriad-realms-store-owner-of-harry-potter


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shamelessly giving my translation work 5 start review ...........,............. ................,..........................................


The overall plot so far is good and it's pace of development is decent. The plot is not completely original, but what webnovel is? The writing quality is quite good but does not completely fit with the background of the webnovel and there are some slight mistakes with grammar. As a native British speaker I can easily follow along with it and the writer's descriptions and dialogue are quite clear. Other than a few words which are not very widely used in the UK and so would not fit the stories setting, the webnovel is an excellent read so far and I recommend having a go at it.


this story is very good and I'm looking forward for more chapters and how the story will continue onwards, so please keep up the good work ..


this novel is nice!!! i feel like it should have more recognition, maybe the name or the cover are not eye-catching enough because It does have potential


Other than translating this story the author has done nothing to make the story understandable, all the characters talk like a middle aged dude who has the barest understanding of english. if the author put even a smidge of time into this story he couldve at least Altered the chapters tO actually make sense




The story is interesting and though the world travel has been done to death in other series the way it is implemented is not the average fictions. Instead of the protagonist hopping worlds to gain power and becoming instantly overpowered this story keeps the connection to them. With the deviation points he has the motivation to make an impact rather than following a timeline which should have already been derailed via butterfly effect. With him able to go back to previous worlds with his wares you become invested into his impact on that story overtime. The only thing I really dislike from this novel is that the MC as a College graduate is always second place to a grade-schooler. This is emphasized multiple times like the grades from elementary school, her spells always being faster to learn and better than his, and more recently the end of the year grades. Along with her jealousy and grudge against him from having better grades than her a few times make me seriously wonder if the MC is just simping for Hermione. I recall that somewhere in the chapters that he didn't want to offend her. This is not a healthy relationship and I cringe every time I see one of those events pop up. Other than that give the story a read. It isn't the best but it is somewhat unique.


Mc is stupid... (give me a good reason to why mc didn’t use the crystal to get super powers when the risk was so low....)and i shall give you power stones!!😛


I like the story and the store concept but too many chapters are wasted retelling cannon events rather than his own development. seriously want our mc to slap some people during cannon since I'm too frustrated 😤


keep doing the great job. stable updates and fine quality. keep doing the great job. stable updates and fine quality. keep doing the great job. stable updates and fine quality.


I think that adding a store system to the harry potter world is unique. I hope you continue this story. writing is good. updates are frequent. I like the main character. So far so good man.


Отличная работа, написано хорошо и продуманно. Очень интересно читать, втягивает в сюжет с самого начала чтения. Развитие сюжета не очень быстрое и не очень медленное, в общем довольно хорошая скорость развития сюжета. Главный герой довольно интересный персонаж и не противен, за ним интересно наблюдать особенно во взаимодействии с другими персонажами


Our MC is a bit scared that in this AU the Dumbledore is the manipulative dark lord, so he's keeping canon as original as posible for now.. chap 27... he has gone to plants vs Zombies world, Chronicle world and got a guest from Frostpunk game.




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