My Werewolf Lord Book

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My Werewolf Lord


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What her choice would be when facing her enemy? She had a dream of being happy child and having that loving family. So when her wish come true, she care about nothing and thought that she was the happiest child. However, all her desires and dream came crashing when the family she swore to protect forever got murders by the werewolves. Her whole world crash, leaving the hot tears behind... Now, fifteen years later, when the person who's murderer of her parents and dear brother came face to face in front of her...what choices did she had? should she kill him? or there's plot behind all those schemes? ___________________________ " I swear in front of my parents's shrine, I will killed whoever that was involved in murdering you. I will become the most dangerous poison and take that werewolf lord to the hell with me ". Aranya swear to herself in front of her parents and brother's shrine. Her eyes filled with hatred and bloodshot....she only had that dream for fifteen years. ( Attention : The cover image is not mine, it belongs to the rightful owner )


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