My Parasite Skill System
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My Parasite Skill System


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What is My Parasite Skill System

Read My Parasite Skill System novel written by the author Tomorrowceases on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Once upon a time there was a parasite. This parasite just so happened to be at the right place at the right moment; it was me. I swear I only did that. Being at the right place at the right moment. It only took this. I wouldn't have been able to know what would result from this. It all just sort of went down without me capable of doing anything. _____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ [Suppression of the Host's additional memory: successfully completed.] I was lost as I just opened my eyes... Where is this place? [The new passive skill 【 Consciousness 】 has been acquired.] "Ah? What's that?" ['Awakening' is now completed.] I shook my head. What did that even mean? Suddenly, voices rang out. "Remie! Are you okay?! Didn't the parasite get into your head..?!" A girl cried out to me. "Don't be fooled, daughter. It isn't Remie anymore up there." And a sword was brought to my throat. "I don't understand...! What's going on?!" And these were my words. . . . At the time, I had no clue about what was going on around me. Little did I know that I was, in fact, a parasite hosting on some human, just as they let me know. _____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Complementary information: The first volume of this book is introductory. Keep in my, thus, reading the first fourty chapters or so, the slow pace (that we wouldn't qualify as a slow pace but may still be considered one by amateurs) and deep introduction of the main character as he opens himself to the world is long. Long but necessary. Indeed, needless is to say that our novel is a renovation among other ones. The MC starts his very life as the book begins. Hence, in the first volume, the reader will be presented and acquainted with the thoughts of MC a lot lest the story makes not perfect sense as it will be unfolding. The fondation of the main plot will also be set up as the first volume uncovers. And that will be all. Enjoy the book first, then support it. _______________________________________________________________ Goal: 1000 First collections 200 first additional power stones And I'll do a mass release. So don't hesitate to drop off the power stones and add it to your library. ______________________________________________________________ I'VE EDITED THE PROLOGUE date: 05th Sept. 2021

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Aside from the writing quality which is a four stars, everything's fine, I think. Hey, it's me and I've run out of words, already. I don't know what to type in here. Maybe some specifications you'd need to have before jumping into it... Oh, that reminds me, the prologue, some of you readers were confused I think because of the prologue. Now as a prologue, it's not directly connected to the rest of the chapters. It's only here so that you guys can understand what's prior tu MC getting his Consciousness. Otherwise I thought it would've been too blurry. I wanted to have the reader understand perfectly everything regarding how it all went down, in the restaurant and whatnot. Plus it gives you a brief introduction to the whole system thing: you see there are quests, skill, stats, levels, and so on. And I think that's about it. Don't forget to give me your support, I'm not writing this alone (although technically, yes): your support's what keeps me writing, mostly. So support me the best you can. In every possible way. Thank you, Author.


This is a great novel! The MC has a nice sense of humour, there is great character development and the story moves at a good pace. The world AND story building are commendable. Overall, wonderful work!


A very unique story and the power system is also an absolute breath of fresh air. It's a lot better than the other parasite based novels I read before. I personally believe writing isn't perfect, but it's up there in quality. I think more chapters would be better, it's only been 15 days since it's been released.


A very unique story, and the power system is also an absolute breath of fresh air. It's a good read only problem being that it has far too little chapters


Inviting storyline with great writing. I read many System Novels but this is my first parasite-based, so I had a lot of fun reading it. A unique concept, this story has the potential to grow. Keep it up.


i liked concept of this novel, it's something I haven't seen before and I like it, the Grammer is also great and I have to read more, keel up the good work


The writing style is great! And also I love the fact that there is almost no grammatical mistake. I mean, really, it's a bit turn-off for me if I see grammatical mistakes. So great work!


This was sort of a cool read. I was quite interested by how it progressed from the unique exposition with a parasite as a main character. Overall, really great idea for a LitRPG and I would recommend.


Reveal spoiler


The synopsis was long enough to be a chapter 😂 but the good thing is, it was at least entertaining. The author has a very wonderful way with words, while reading I felt as though I was in the novel watching everything unfold. There were no grammatical errors making this an extremely easy read. At some points I was a bit confused but I figured it out after. Overall, this novel was a very interesting read. I enjoyed it 100% and I highly recommend it if you're looking for an interesting plot. Thanks to this author I shall no longer underestimate small insects 😣 Color me terrified


I personally, was looking for something parasite-type story to read. Some fresh out of the oven. This particular story is very intriguing from the start. looking forward to new chapters and very good luck on a contest


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