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My Long Lost Mate


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What is My Long Lost Mate

My Long Lost Mate is a popular web novel written by the author winterdaisy55, covering WEREWOLF, ROMANCE, LOVE, FANTASY, ADVENTURE, ACTION, MATE, VICTORIAN, WITCH, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 501.3K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 75 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 48 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[A novel set in the Victorian era] "Oh! Thank you for catching that little troublemaker. Please give her back to us," said one of the guards while panting for air. Not knowing what to do, I frantically held the man's hand and pleaded, "Please save me! They are going to hurt me! I don't want to go back!" The man first looked at me for a couple of seconds, then to the guards, "Go," he said to the guards grimly. Surprisingly, he is on my side. I was actually counting on my lucky stars to ask for help from him. "What?" asked the guards, confused by the man's words. "I said go... before I kill you," he threatened. I was hiding behind the man's back and couldn't see his face but my guts told me that he meant his words. The guards looked surprised by his words but quickly recover from it and instead, started to challenge the man, "We won't go before you hand us that girl." The man sighed and said, "I warned you," after that, the man let go of my hand and turned my body around. "Don't look," he said before starting to walk towards the guards. Every step he took exuded confidence, and he was not the least scared of the guards who were armed with swords when he himself got nothing but his bare hands. I closed my eyes even with my back towards them and heard one of the guards scream trying to attack the man. No longer after that, the only sound that I could hear was something like... bones breaking, I think? A few moments later, it was completely silent. Is he done? The silence was soon broken by footsteps that I assumed were getting closer to where I was. Is this the footsteps of the man or the guards? That was the question that popped up on my mind. I was ready to run, but before I could proceed to do that, two strong arms grip both of my shoulders, turning my body around. I nervously opened my eyes to found a pair of red eyes staring softly at me. "Are you okay?" ------ The story revolves around a girl who was tortured and the leader of werewolves.


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This is such an amazing story. The plot gets better and better with each chapter and you will get hooked from the first chapter without any doubt. The plot is steady, neither too slow nor too fast. There are some grammatical errors but nothing to worry about. You will be too emerged into the story to notice that. I'll seriously suggest this story to all the werewolf romance lovers. Keep it up author!!


A 5 star review 🌟!!! If I could leave a 10 star review I would! 💜✨ I love your writing style, the story just flows so easily. I like how Violet isn't just a weak pitiful female character. She was locked up for years but she didn't lose her wits. I especially liked it when she shoved food in Luke's mouth, it was really funny😂 I just hope he won't need to wait too long before he gets his long lost mate's heart. Right, author?🤨 Also, the suspense around Violet and her mum's death, that would definitely make me want to read the book to the very last full stop😂 The book really perked up my curiosity so I'm definitely keeping it safe in my library. I really love your novel and you taught me a lot of things too😊💜✨.. So keep up the good work ✨🙌💯👍


I'll admit it, I'm usually not a fan of sappy romances. Yet - as a true testament to the author's ability - I actually enjoyed reading this. The synopsis makes it sound like a cliched love drama: y'know, girl meets boy, boy meets girl, and they live happily ever after. But it's not, it's surprisingly refreshing. The story has a sense of mystery, especially when it comes to the FL (Violet), but what really impressed me was the characters' developments. As the story is written from the FL and ML characters' perspectives, you can hear their thoughts, their emotions and it makes them all the human and third dimensional. Even better, Violet, despite having such a tragic childhood, isn't some meek damsel in distress. She's got guts and is feisty, though only when dealing with Luke. Like many authors, including me, there are a few grammatical errors, but that's just me nitpicking (I'm sorry author for all the corrections in the paragraph sentences, it's a habit for me to do that) and didn't derail the story at all. If you love romance or werewolves, then I'd refined this to you 100%. Even if you don't, I'd still recommend you try this and give it a shot


Usually a good story could make peole curious about what will happen next and that's exactly how this book is. The storyline is very interesting and intriguing. Best of luck.


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This story is amazing! I love how the author's description, and I could vividly imagine it. I like how the POV between FL and ML, we can get to their minds, and know their real thoughts. Overall, this is a story worth to be keep and binge-read. Worth it!


Gosh, I do like your writing style. The development of the whole story is impressive. Not gonna lie, this book engaging! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


This such a great work. I don have with Romance novels, but when it comes to action, I can guarantee that this web novel it is good to read while you wanted to read something nice instead of a gore and horror novel about decapitated dogs who are worshipping Donald Trump


I loved the plot. before I realised, I already read 10 chapters. So writing this review is just my way to show appreciation to the author for the story. Please finish the story I want to know more about them.


Yup, it was a good book to read. Whether it was the flow of the story, the details, characters, all of them are very good. I was like, yo this book is amazing.


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I love this story!!! The switch between view points is flawless and the plot is wonderful. If you love a cute romance will fan girl moments all over, I 100% recomend


The story is new and good, I really enjoy the book.It’s not usual lovely dovy romance , like they meet and fall in love in a second . It is really worth to read. Good job author 😊🤩


A hidden gem sighted. It's really interesting and quite catchy. The author knows how to keep readers like me on their toes, making us want more. Thanks for this awesome piece! May the author write more, edit more, learn more, and later...earn more.


Whyyyy in the literal mc frick did it end so quickly?!?!?!!!!! I NEEEEED MOOORE! Author how could you do this to meeee and my fellow readers! Why would you let me hang from the roots of that cliff(hanger) you just pushed me off of like that! When will you come baaaack with more my poor self cant stand this anymoreee! (Its only been like five seconds sonce i finished reading so far but still!) 😫😭♥️this book is too perfect 👌🏻 i cannot live without it so i shall hang off the roots of this cliffhanger till it returns♥️


I am amazed! I got so seriously hooked in your novel, so yeah it is now in my library. The growth of the main character through every chapter is fascinating, but the main lead is my favorite. I really love him. Your world background and the character design really impressed me. The flow of the plot is great, it keeps you wanting for more, but enjoying the cute little moments from the leads. Readers this is totally worthy! Please keep up with the good work author! I for sure follow your story.


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First of all, I don't usually read romance novels but your got me hooked from the first chapters. The way you narrate things is definitely on my liking. Aside from a few edits needed here and there I think this is very good. Well done, author!


Well I was here before, so I read the new chapters and I can say it's as amazing as always. The plot, vocab, grammer and everything else is much much better, so nice job and keep it up!


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