My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely ShatteredMy Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered

My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered

by TokyoAnime_Seven

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[Read the auxiliary chapter first] Grand Elder cleared his throat and said "Ahem, Aryan have you read any history books or something" "What!!" "Lill boy the answer you gave is invalid in this era, that cultivation system you are talking about is a two-millennium old history. I don't know how you came to know about those, but it's better to erase them from your memory. This is what Aryan got to hear from his gramps on his fifth birthday. Wang Huang, a genius venerable cultivator from the ancient era, died in an unforeseen accident while searching for his path to immortality. After being stuck in a dark space for an unknown period, he took rebirth as the first son of Aditya and Anisa. Till the age of five, he was fantasizing of becoming an overpowered MC with a harem filled with seductive, voluptuous and alluring ladies. But little did he know at that time the world of cultivation has taken many twists, turns and upgradations over the past two-millennium and his past knowledge is outdated!!!! Even though Aryan past life knowledge became trash in that era, he didn’t give up on his dream of becoming an overpowered MC, but little did he know, that the upcoming future events starting from Cultivation, followed by Cross-dressing, Sci-Fi, Cultivation Technique……… Will keep on crushing him and his world view!!!! Artworks by Phoenix Lu DISCLAIMER: This Cover is not mine if you want it to remove or want to talk about something else, type a review and write the details.

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