My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered
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My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered


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What is My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered

My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered is a popular web novel written by the author TokyoAnime_Seven, covering REINCARNATION, CULTIVATION, COMEDY, MODERN, MALE LEAD, ACTION, OVERPOWERD-MC, LOLI, PARODY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.72/5 and 69 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 210 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[Check out my other book it's way much better] Book Name: Project Relife: 2x Isekai System ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grand Elder pondered for a while before posing out his answer, "Aryan, have you read any history books on the old ways of cultivation." "What?!!" “Ah, how to say…. The answer you gave is invalid in this era. That cultivation system you are talking about is a two-millennium old history. I don't know how you came to know about those, but it's better to erase them from your memory.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is what Aryan got to hear from his gramps, on his fifth birthday. Wang Huang, a genius venerable cultivator from the ancient era, died in an unforeseen accident while searching for his path to immortality. After being stuck in a dark space for an unknown period, he took rebirth as the first son of Aditya and Anisa. Till the age of five, he was fantasizing of becoming an overpowered MC with a harem filled with seductive, voluptuous and alluring ladies. But little did he know at that time, that the world of cultivation has taken many twists and turns over the past two millennia, and his past knowledge of cultivation is outdated!!! Even though Aryan past life knowledge became trash in that new era, he didn’t give up on his dream of becoming an overpowered MC and continued his journey. But again, little did he know, that the upcoming future events, starting from Cultivation, followed by Cross-dressing, Sci-Fi, Cultivation Technique……… Will keep on crushing him and his world view!!


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a cool novel with a new outlook for cultivation thing. a totally new system. traditional orthodox xanxia and eastern fantasy is completely overturned and have become a thing of past and the best thing is no cliche plot. this novel ranks first in my favourite novels.


Heyo Readers, Seven here. Giving myself a shameless five star for my work. First of all I would like to inform it to all readers that my novel is not for heavy readers who like gore, bloodbath, smut etc..... I am making this novel for light-hearted readers who like the cultivation genre followed by comedy, action, and adventure. If I best describe my novel it's somewhat similar to the novel Cultivation Chat Group genre-wise but with completely different plots, characters and world-building. This is my first work, as a writer, hope everybody enjoys it.


These type of novels are my favorite but I can't find many of them. OP MC with decent comedy where he doesn't have to hide his powers because people will try to kill him out of jealousy or where random young masters try to kill him because he breathed near them. Daily life of the immortal king was another amazing one but it stopped getting updated.


I have not read much of this book, but there was a huge info dump for the entire chapter early on and I do not know about update stability so I put 5 stars there were many Grammer mistakes in only a few chapters the characters are very bland as well


the story produces a new outlook on reincarnation novels with a confusion element to the mc, unfortunately the storyelement ment to make it comic relief also makes the story difficult to follow for the reader. It is missing it's structural integrity with both the worldbuilding and the paragraph building. the story is building on a difference between an old system and a new better system. The story are neither explaining nor is diving deeper into what the main story device is trying to do. Without a proper explanation it would be just as reasonable plot device to just be born, the comic relief and unanswered questions makes it a headache to start with, it stabilizes around chapter 30, but the introduction could be cut short by 28 chapters. However it is still a interesting take on cultivation and it can be strong story, if the beginning could be strengthened by some proofreading or explanation. with a focus on nonsensical parts instead of story it will instead mock the foundation it is trying to create in a universe instead of creation the comedical story it is trying to make. just soso but good enough


Honestly? Poorly written, to the point where dialogue doesn’t make sense, and the characters just seem weird and unnatural. I’m dropping it because there are tons of much better novels out there. Don’t waste your time, the cultivation system isn’t anything new or revolutionary.


Step aside, a great reviewer coming in for a review. . . . just kidding, did you really believe that? Tbh, I suck at reviewing, so I will just say my thoughts. Author, this is ur novel, ur mc. MC should be an op character and have some harem, right? Mc should be lucky, and have good fortunes, with harem, right? Mc should be the main character who has harem, right? Forgive me, I think I am stuck at harem, but not my fault. The MC himself said so. MC wants a harem with beautiful one-sans and wants to be an op character, but out author don't let him. He has really tortured the MC, I think he will die if you don't give him his dream harem. The author is a M who liked to torture his MC ( that's a nice idea btw) If you continue doing this, I will steal ur mc and add him to my novel. I will give him Harem, make him OP and send him back to you for a revenge. joking aside, A really good novel with a good world background and character development and a joyful comedy.An awesome way to write cultivation mixed with sci-fi. Just hope that author-san stop torturing the mc too much, and give him harem please, Good jop author.


Many many congratulations to the author on reaching 1M views milestone . May you grow even more with time 😁👍🏻. This story is awesome and doing wonders!!!! And if anyone wanting/wants to read books with fantasy genre . Do check my book " Fatal " if you always wanted to read a mysterious male lead work.😁👍🏻


Hon wa subarashīdesu. Watashi wa anata ga sore o tsudzukeru koto o nozonde iru konseputo ga hontōni sukideshita. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


read top two review....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................




Reveal spoiler


First of all I like this book by heart. It's plots are always off charts and unpredictable making it more interesting. Also I have been reading this book since Ch 1 and I can say author is trying his best to improve his standard and quality. Good work author keep it up. And don't get depressed by some idiots negative comments.


Cool novel....hope author doesn't drop it......tips to author......think of 50ch ahed from now................so that u don't get stuck....and drop it....


Wow!! That was interesting. I am sure you are from India dear author. Unlike all cultivation novels, where they mention qi, u used chakra, definitely different from others. I quite liked MC's name( Aryan )and looking forward to read more. This book straight goes into my library and keep up the good work dear author. The plot was unique and immediately piqued my interest. The story development was also well in pace. Not too fast nor not too slow. I could feel the author's unique writing style and I liked it.Author did a great job in describing scenarios.All in all author did a great job and looking forward to read more. I will definitely give 5/5 to encourage author and for his hardwork


Well, since this is a cultivation story, seeing it deviate from the usual concept of using chakra instead of qi is quite novel of an idea. Our MC is continuously being brought down by the people around him, which is the common premise that is seen for main leads. I do hope that the MC will have a gradual growth rather than an exponential one. I sometimes wish that, instead of experiencing the bottom, the MC's motivation would be the simple idea of wanting to get stronger, or it's because they look up to their parents. Your title gives out the proceedings of the story, so as a suggestion, put a little bit of mystery in it? Also, there are a lot of dialogues in the passages making it any easy read. Of course, we all make grammatical errors. However, it is something that is easily proofread. Arming yourselves with the mastery of the English grammar will enable you to have a better flow and transition. This is merely constructive. I'm not saying this out of spite. Your story has a good setting! Please run wild with your imagination! I'll be cheering you on number 7!


It’s a great start . I like the Initial story line. It’s interesting. The dynamics of the patriarch is interesting also . I will be looking forward to updates 


Maybe it's because the story isn't too far in yet, but I don't have a firm grasp on the different characters yet. Besides this and some grammar issues, I would say that this story is very good. The plot is relatively more unique and the use of emojis to express emotions is an ingenious idea.


I like the story plot more than anything else it was different from other cultivation novels the MC character is still unconfined but that's what suspens about. I laugh crazy after reading it. Keep up the good work.


I really liked the book, plot and characters are fabulous keep ut up Author and nver ever drop this book[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins]


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