Multiverse-travel starting from The NUN as a "simple" Gamer. Book

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Multiverse-travel starting from The NUN as a "simple" Gamer.


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This is also the first chapter, cause Why not??? An Omega-Chad gets reincarnated with the Gamer SYSTEM and Three Op wishes. The first world he gets reincarnated into is 'The Nun'. He is born Seventeen Years before the Movie plot. Let's get this show on the road Already. ------------------ Some rules if you want me to continue writing and not dropping this banger of an idea. 1. I am writing this fan-fic to fulfil my Fetishes (if you boring AF get the hell out.) 2. I don't care if you rate this Fiction Lower or Higher, but just let me tell you no Spam reviews will be accepted whether they are good or bad. 3. I am writing this fic so that I could see some good R18, I am tired of reading Lemons written by mostly Virgins. 4. Also there is nothing wrong about being a virgin and you can also ask for advice in the comment section from me.


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