1 The wishes and Adjusting reality.

So the three wishes I got were:

1. Reality

2. Infinity

3. Creation

I chose these abilities because I already got the Gamer System and I didn't want to wish some broken OP abilities as it will ruin the fun. (*SMH* and I used to cringe and despise those fanfiction Mcs when they said the exact same thing). (A/N: (0o0))

OK right now I am in a Voi-... you know what Imma keep it simple. Rn I am in a Closed room with no lights on and I am floating with there being a blue screen in front of me saying Character creation.

[Choose Name]

Abbadon B. Apollos

Yeah that's right why can people add a D. in their names and I can't add a K? because if I myself add a D==> people will say something like 'Forced D.' in the comments.

Well my First name means Abbadon = The destroyer. Middle name is short for Barak = Thunder and Last name is Apollos = one who destroys.

[Choose first World]

The Nun.

Hmmm... I always wondered how a Footjob will feel when recieved from a Nun or an initiate Nun.

[Do you wish for any changes?]

Yep, I sure do. First change the world into a bit more magical meaning that Paladins exist and shield maidens are chosen from the Nuns and they behave as party buffers. Also change it so that the position of the Pope is hereditary in this World and the Church controls the whole of the Europe. Plus make Sister Irene a bit bustier and airheaded. Reincarnate me as the reincarnation of god, throw in a prophecy or something and make me the sole heir of the pope position. Also make the people in this world 90% Christian while the rest being Atheists. Also remove the entirety of middle east and Antartica and in their place add two new continents named Sugondese Nutz and Sawkondese Ballz ( I mean at this point I am just trolling). Also give me the appearance of Jinguji Ren from Uta no Prince-sama but make it a bit "manlier".

[Ok, Gamer]

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