177 Attack

"Let them attack the prison. It would be easier to assault them when they land there." John directed.

"How did you know that Ronan would attack the prison. I don't think even for Gamora, Ronan would have attacked." Rocket asked as he found it weird that they waited for Ronan here and surprisingly Ronan did come to attack Kyln.

"Didn't I say once that I am more knowledgeable than the Guardians? This is a glimpse of that." John said with a smile. As they were talking Ronan had already started attacking the prison and sent his soldiers. Since there was no Rocket and Groot, Peter and Gamora weren't able to escape as the original world.

"Alright chop chop people. Take an attack ship and leave. FOA send all the attack ships and kill every one in space. Dark Aster doesn't really have fire power on it's own. It relies on small suicide spaceships with low firepower. Don't kill too many. That would be counterproductive and wouldn't help our purpose." John said.

Sasuke, Barry and Victor left. Victor didn't need a space suit while the other two did. They took the attack ship while Rocket and John just looked at the images in their holographic projection. When the attack ships started their assault everybody were taken aback.

Ronan didn't understand from where these new ships came from, while Rocket was taken aback by the fire power of the attack ships. It only took a few minutes to almost wipe out many small spaceships of them with the just the help of 5 small attack ships. John didn't bring the big vertical attack ships from Krypton as it wouldn't fit inside the FOA but these small attack ships were enough for handling this situation.

Even though the small spaceships of Ronan did try to retaliate they didn't have the sleek maneuverability like the Kryptonian's they failed to damage them as FOA remote controlled them very perfectly. In the meantime, Sasuke and others landed in the prison.

If the attack ships weren't able to make Ronan fear this sudden ambush, the three people scared the big Jesus out of him. Victor transformed himself into a steel helmet and started shooting at the soldiers while flying. He looking like a flying humanoid with no end it's fire power and energy. Since Victor's template was taken from Jay Oliver's Cyborg too, Victor could accumulate various machinery into his body and make them weapons.

Barry ran so fast that nobody was even able to see him. He was causing havoc everywhere and the soldiers had no clue what hit them. Some were even killed by just a small touch as it was done in extreme high speeds.

And Sasuke was like a God to them. He walked slowly around while assaulting anybody he could see. He didn't over did it as he knew that would be an over kill so he just used normal ninja techniques. He did his best not to kill too many.

Rocket now understood from where the huge confidence of John came. He thought the Green Lanterns were already the top force of the universe he had ever seen, but now just these 3 people subverted that view.

"What are these people? They are monsters. Where did you even find them?" Rocket said as he couldn't believe what he saw. He passed a day with Victor and Barry yesterday but they had never shown such high combat ability.

Even though Barry looked inexperienced but just his speed alone made him invulnerable. Victor was way too calculative to be hit by any of the soldiers. And Sasuke was way too powerful to even speak about him.

"I told you didn't I? They are my friends." John said.

"When you said that you went to Oa to meet the Guardians. You really meant that?" Rocket asked.

"Of course. They are my friends too." John said.

The attack continued and Ronan who was already in the prison and he couldn't leave as John had already sent the attack ships to make sure Ronan wouldn't leave without proper greeting from the three of them. Even Nebula was there in prison.

In almost 20 minutes all the rioting prisoners and the soldiers were dealt by three of them. Barry finally met Peter along the way of doing things. He remembered the order of John so he said

"Peter Quill, Gamora and Drax. You three can escape from here. The Nova Empire wouldn't hold you accountable."

"What? What do you mean?" Peter asked as he saw a man in red suit standing in front of him. He had seen flashes of this man while he attacked the soldiers and the rioting prisoners and he was really afraid if he would be one of them to be attacked.

"That's exactly what I mean. You should escape from here." Flash said and ran away again. Gamora and Drax didn't understand what Flash meant by that but they wanted to take the opportunity to leave.


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