461 Chapter 461 Three left

Even Elder Zhuan and the Elders observing from the other room were all curious to see Jiang Chen's results. 

Without wasting any time, the handsome, black-robed young man raised his right hand and placed his palm on top of the white ball.

The moment that his hand touched the cold, crystal-like ball, a deep darkness immediately erupted from the depths of the ball, completely filling its white surface in nearly an instant.

And yet, Jiang Chen's darkness was different from Liu Mei's. This wasn't the pitch-black darkness of death.

Instead, the fate in Jiang Chen's darkness seemed to have been mixed with a bright red color, one that wasn't too different from Jun Ren's red color a few moments ago.

Just as everyone kept staring at the white ball of fate and waited for a certain result to appear, a colorful light gradually appeared from the ball's depths, as it slowly emerged towards the ball's surface.

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