460 Chapter 460 Extraordinary fate

The moment that his palm touched the white-colored ball of fate, a bright red light instantly erupted from the depths of the ball, before it covered its surface in its entirety.

This bright red color resembled the color of blood, while at the depths of the crystal ball, there was a faint, almost indistinct mix of colors, that was similar to Liu Mei's colorful light that had appeared during her test.

The only difference was, that Jun Ren's light was actually much fainter than Liu Mei's.

And yet, regardless of how faint it was, the moment that this light appeared, it didn't stop Elder Zhuan's expression of shock from showing on his face.

The white-robed Elder clearly knew, that even if Jun Ren didn't have the same chances as Liu Mei, his fate was also considered an immortal fate!

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This meant that Jun Ren also had a chance of becoming an immortal in the future!

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