450 Chapter 450 Zhong Fang

As he flew back to the audience seats, Shun Long saw that everyone's gazes were focused on him.

Every single one of the more than 600 disciples sitting in the audience seats were staring at him with different looks in their eyes.

And the most intense out of all of them seemed to be the black-robed young man's, Jiang Chen's curious gaze, the gaze of a handsome young man dressed in white robes, as well as the golden-robed prince's of the Shengtian dynasty!

Shun Long first turned his eyes towards the white-robed young man with sword-like eyebrows, and saw him nod his head as a greeting with a smile on his face.

Since he didn't sense any malicious intent from him, Shun Long nodded his head in response before he turned his eyes towards the black-robed Jiang Chen and the golden-robed prince of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Huang.

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