449 Chapter 449 Flames of Destruction

As his voice resounded in the air, Shun Long punched forward with his right hand, as a burst of terrifying, pitch-black flames erupted from his arm, before they collided with the silver-colored sword slash in front of him head-on.

However, the scene that followed exceeded everyone's expectations!

There was no loud explosion once the silver-colored sword slash met with the terrifying flames.

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Instead, the black flames quickly engulfed the sword slash before they completely swallowed it, leaving no traces of it behind.

And yet, the powerful sword slash only managed to stop the black flames for a single moment, before they continued to descend towards the arena, flying towards the yellow-robed young man from the Holy sect.

Seeing this scene, the long-haired young man's eyes instantly widened while an expression of fear finally appeared on his face.

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