446 Chapter 446 Shun Long's goal

The look in Cao Ling's eyes had turned extremely deep and serious as he stared at Shun Long.

This aura coming from Shun Long's body was so terrifying, that it even made him, a Dao Emperor, feel a chill in his heart.

Of course, this wasn't because Shun Long's strength had suddenly reached the same level as a Dao Emperor's. After all, that was simply impossible regardless of one's bloodline or the pills they had consumed.

Instead, Cao Ling clearly understood, that this sudden chill that he felt was an instinctive reaction that his body had towards the bloodline inside Shun Long's body.

He could feel that this was no different, than if he was standing in front of a terrifying magic beast that had just opened its eyes.

Naturally, as a Dao Emperor, it wasn't difficult for Cao Ling to suppress this feeling and he didn't even need to circulate his qi, as his eyes continued to stare at the blue-robed young man in the center of the arena.

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