447 Chapter 447 A crazy guess

It was obvious that Elder Zhuan trembled as he said this, almost unable to complete his own words.

Although he had also suspected that the black-robed man's, Jiang Chen's bloodline was possible to be an immortal-grade bloodline as well, the instinctive feeling of terror that he had felt from Shun Long's bloodline even exceeded the pressure that Jiang Chen's bloodline was emitting!

The white-robed Dao Emperor, Elder Cao Ling stayed silent, as his eyes didn't move away from the blue-robed young man's body even for a second.

Finally, a few moments later, he nodded his head in a serious manner before he said

''Just like the black-robed kid with the demonic bloodline, this kid also possesses an immortal-grade bloodline!''

Even though Cao Ling's tone was calm, his words seemed to have struck Elder Zhuan's heart like a hammer.

''Indeed, both of them possess immortal-grade bloodlines, and that young man named Jiang Chen even has a demonic bloodline.''

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