Meeting Him Again: Spoiled By The CEO
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Meeting Him Again: Spoiled By The CEO


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What is Meeting Him Again: Spoiled By The CEO

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When Min Soobin had disappeared from her life, Miyeon found herself being heartbroken and betrayed. But that did not pose as a problem to her later on since she had moved on from him. However, years later, when she was leading a satisfactory life without many problems in it, both of their paths crosses again. Miyeon certainly was displeased by that! Her peaceful life gets turned upside down due to that, and in addition to Lee Minjae— the troublemaker who embarrassed her throughout the highschool— Miyeon cursed at the whoever turned her life to be like that! She wanted that peace back again! What? Min Soobin— the CEO of the top conglomerate— wanted to chase after her? Lee Minjae— who was known for his reputation as a play boy— also wanted to chase after her? What the hell was happening? How in the hell was she supposed to marry a normal man if both of them were back of her? Once again, she cursed the one who caused her life to be like that! "This is not what I want!" Miyeon cried, holding back her tears of frustrations. Along with that came the hidden secrets of the past, stalkers, and much more trouble! Miyeon's peaceful life no longer existed to her dismay!

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There's nothing I can complain about. This story somehow hits me in all the right spots. The characters are life like and written beautifully. Each interaction makes me smile and frown accordingly. Although the story is just starting, I am very optimistic about it. As I read, it makes me yearn to experience the kind of long-lasting love like the MC, and at the same time, I feel the heartache she feels when she sees the ML (?) 😭 The pacing of the story is steady, and the world building is coming along nicely as more descriptions are revealed. All in all, definitely keeping this in my library. Keep up the good work! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ


Wow, I didn't expect to read a romance story with a lot of description. You put a lot of hard word in describing scenes and man, the emotions from main character miyeon is so detailed because it feels like I'm right there witnessing it with her. T he only problems is small typos here and there but I could still read without issues. Nothing major. Everything else, you did an excellent job and you have a talent for fleshing out your main characters and their relationships :D Added to my library!! Waiting for next


Part of a review swap, and at time of writing, there are 70 chapters. Have read until Ch.68. Writing Quality: English isn't Author's main language (like me) but it's not horrible or really bad. There are only minor errors and the flow of the story is not affected generally for me. The quality only gets better as you read on, so that's a huge plus. Stability of Updates: Very regular and persistent. I would, however, advise Author to perhaps think of slowing down a bit ... though other readers may kill me for that. Two releases a day is okay, I believe. It's just a suggestion, of course. Stockpiling chapters allow you to rest once in a while, and also takes into account times when you're unable to write (eg falling sick/exams etc). You can have mass-release events when there are a lot of stockpiled chapters. Story Development: It's a slice of life, so the pacing is slow. Which, personally, I like. I also love the details given and the description. However, I find it a bit disorienting when the scene seemingly jumps from one to another, or when there is a dream sequence. You could add a 'divider' sort of thing to indicate that the next paragraph had nothing to do with the one before it. A small symbol or whatever inbetween the two paragraphs would help teh flow and smoothness of reading. Character Design/World Background: The characters are well thought out and you can connect well with them. All in all, a good and enjoyable read. Came for the review, but staying for the story. This remains in my library. All the best, Author!


I loved your work. How you described the main character's - Miyeon's feelings like all her willingness and unwillingness, stuttering . I loved the puberty part the most . Keep it up. Waiting for new update .


I read this story up to chapter 56. It took me some times to get used to the Korean name at first. The writing quality is not bad. English is not the author's first language, so there are mistakes here and there. But that does not interfere much with my reading experience. I can see that the author's improvement in writing as I read more. The stability of updates is excellent. As I've been trying to catch up with the recent chapter, the author had updated a few chapters. The pacing of the story okay. It was pretty slow at first, but that also gave me a chance to get to know the characters better. The romance part was a bit slow. I wish the author would strengthen the relationship between FL and ML before moving on to MC's story in book two. Keep up the good work!


I really enjoy the character's interactions and just how well the author makes them flow. It feels as if you're actually there with the people talking. The author is very descriptive with his language and adds a lot to the table. I am thoroughly impressed with his work!!


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Pretty good, I don't read romance too often but this one wasn't that bad. Though it is hard for me to pronounce Korean names. I did like the author's style of writing, and he has grasped English enough to transmit what he's writing about.


I really fell in love with your story, the way you write has shown me that shakespeare's tongue can convey feelings, thank you so much for making my day, follow if


I didn't expect to enjoy the novel as much as I did because I'm not a romance fan, but I'm glad my friend recommended me the book. It was a very enjoyable reading experience, and it kept me hooked. Thank you for the hard work Author!!!


I really love this story.... It is like an innocent crush and not getting over it over the years...... It has emotions and a real friendship and this what makes it really beautiful.... Good job author and keep it up!!


I like how the story is building up and how it is proceeding. The elaboration of the surroundings is done pretty well. The character are sketched properly. I would definitely suggest


I still got a lot of chapters to binge read but I love the book so far. The plot is very good and keeps me wanting to read. Keep up the good work author!


Read up to chapter 4, to know if a story is good, the first chapter alone is enough. This is a fun read, a little cliche but gat some charm of itself. There are typos here and there, but wouldn't take away the overall pleasure of enjoying the story, I'm definitely gonna continue reading this, course each chapter just kept getting me hooked into it. Good luck.


The story till nw is nice n gd flow of events bt updating I also needed keep the good wrk regular author.. Want to have more chapters n more updates on ths will wait for updates


Just love this romantic novel... i love how the characters is described nd the story hits me in all the ryt places... so overwhelming nd interesting... What more can i say? Its absolutely amazinvly writen.


This story is a good option for an idyllic read on lazy days when you just want to read something light and fluffy. It hits you right in the feels and leaves you wanting for more. The author has done a good job of portraying the MC's feelings. There are a few grammatical mistakes and misspellings here and there but nothing that takes away from enjoying the words written by the author and immersing yourself in their world.


you have done a great job dear. you write well and I like the cover and synopsis. however, I'd advise you to lengthen your chapters a bit more. but overall, your story is nice. keep up the good work


The way you provided with descriptions is fantastic. The reader can tell what is going on and will not raise questions to the events that happened. Your writing quality is good, impressive perhaps I should say. The plot is intriguing, artists and CEOs although I hear that these kind of stories are pretty common in the genre. To make up for it you made the story quite a little bit unique. Although chapter five is too early to judge the story. I shall stop reading since this story is not my cup of tea. All in all I gave you a rating of 4.8 because of your writing style. Also, who gives a "bird" about stability of updates? Quality of chapters should be the main focus of writing novels. It's a good story with a good style of writing. Keep up your work, it is good I can tell. Sadly I prefer action and adrenaline pumping scenes. Heheheh...


Well it is an amazing novel.. I didn't notice the time at all as I was reading this novel. Each scene made me yearning for more and I can feel the heartache she feels when she meets the male lead every single time. Each time he ignores her, I feel like hitting his head and force him to remember her. I'm keeping this in my library.. Looking forward to the rest . Good work, author.


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