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Marvel : Journey To Hero


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The summer night passed through and passed through the world of Marvel movies! “But, it appears directly on the battlefield of the bullets, what is the start?” “And why is my golden finger a decomposition machine in DNF?” [Decomposition equipment is successful! 】 [Advanced sniper shooting experience *100] [Decomposition equipment is successful! 】 [Advanced Fighting Techniques Experience *100] [Decomposition equipment is successful! 】 [A dazzling battle of souls, can enhance the strength of body attributes! 】 “Can it be better than God?” [That is just the starting point! 】 “then continue to break down!” [Decomposition equipment is successful! 】 [Cannot look directly at the exercise *100] “…” ( Note :- ______0__(^-^)__0______ YO!! Bro here is your brother DL i will add daily @ chapter for you.. {starting from date 27-4-2020} )


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