241 A visit to Tennessee 2

HeJin and the girls went to the market while Aisling and Astila visited the elders. While at the market a young man kept watching Crystal. Everyone at the market knew that HeJin and Steve were Astila's family and were related to the medicine man Onacona. He had never seen someone like Crystal. HeJin walks past him and says. 

"She is still only a child,  eyes back in your head Yanasi. She has barely turned fifteen. So not old enough for you to even be interested." Her voice stern and her look fierce. The boy smiles and says 

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"Aww auntie , I understand it's just she is so beautiful with that long blond hair and those eyes just make you feel like your looking into the sea. " his eyes still haven't left Crystal's back as she moves around the store. 

HeJin just chuckles and tells him. 

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