240 A visit to Tennessee

Remi decides that Crystal needs to have some time away. So she sends Crystal with Aisling's family to visit Steve and HeJin. Hoping that a visit with them will bring Crystal out of her stupor. Aisling watched Crystal and the twins sleep nearly the entire way to the house in Tennessee. It gave her and Astila some well deserved quiet to just hold hands and enjoy talking to each other. 

"You know that while we are here maybe you should visit with your mom. Just pop in and say hi , I know that it's hard for you but from what I saw the last report her heart is not going to last much longer. I don't want you to have any regrets. Who knows she may recognize you this time. " Aisling casually bring up the subject. Astila furrowed his brow and quietly told her. 

" I know I should go see her, you know we have never gone to see her as a family. I think we should take the girls at least once. What do you say, you up to meeting your crazy mother in law?" 

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