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Limits is a popular web novel written by the author DarkRay, covering EVIL AUTHOR, WEAK TO STRONG, LIMITS, RACES, HIDDEN WEAPONS, STEALTH, SLOW PACED, WAR, MEDICINE, HUMAN LIFE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 4.58/5 and 48 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 471 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


** The book is completed. The 1st volume (e-book) is available for my patreons or through amazon! https://www.patreon.com/darkrayauthor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086PY3HYV ** Have you ever considered, what is a Limit? Well, I have. I’ve seen people who were as strong, as wild animals. Those that were faster than the wind. Some that shined with intellect. Yet, what are the Limits of mankind’s strength, or intelligence? No one seems to know. We develop more and more, seemingly without an end. What if, someone was the smartest in the world? Would that suggest the Limit? What if, someone was the strongest in the world? Would that be the Limit? Would that make that someone, more than a Human? These are just questions, but what if I saw people reach their Limits? What if I know what happens, when you break the Limits? What if I were to tell you about it, would you believe me? -------------------------------------------------- My other novel, I'm Anna: https://www.webnovel.com/book/13714177505936205/I'm-Anna Discord: https://discord.gg/BaxBX3f

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In my opinion this is one of the best original novels on this site. Its a rare original novel with content thats original wich is hard to find with so many fanfic novels or wuxia/xianxia plot copy pastas, It has superp worldbuilding as well as character design. The story is a little bit slow but shines with well thought out plots with little to no holes. Furthermore updates are mostly stable. Also i rarely find any grammar or writing errors. All things considered i love this novel and want to recommend it to anyone that doesnt just want to pass time but wants to read a story with quality content.


I would, say this one was an emotional rollercoaster, it had me reading everyday. I came looking for copper but i found gold. It turned to actually having a serious character not without flaws. But with normal human flaws not the endless stupidity flaw so many MC seem to have now a days. It feels like the story takes itself serious. He isnt given anything without working for it, or almost dying for it. He is good at things, but only because of practice. Not dumb luck. Biggest plus, no harem. So you can read it in peace. Hope this help you guys out there decide.


For those who don't like slow paced novels then this probably isn't for you, what i would advise though is atleast give it to chapter 36, as this was the chapter that i finally decided to add this novel onto my read list. They story is perfectly paced in my opinion, though when i started i had some doubts. I love the main character and i love how most of the characters are explained. some might say the author isn't giving us much to go on but we are seeing the world through the eyes of the MC, It drives me insane when novels included the view of other people because it ruins the world and surprise when things happen. keep up the good work and i highly recommend this novel


This is to explain some things as I don't want to make synopsis too long. First - this novel is not a system novel that you will find everywhere now. This will never be a system novel and so if you think it is then you can stop reading. It's not. Second - The story starts slow and there is a reason to that. I want to describe as much as I can in this novel so although there will be some time skips (especially when there are repeated tasks) I don't want to write the same thing all the time too. Third - This story is not about revenge. The title says what it is about. There will be revenge parts in this story as well as love, hate, betrayal, greed and so on. why? you may ask. Because it is part of human nature and limits are part of human existence. This is a novel about human life not about saints and gods. There will be struggle because every human has a struggle in their life. So if you don't like these points, you may straight ahead drop it because you will not like it. There will be action, fights, plots etc but at a slower pace compared to OP characters where they get everything by luck or out of thin air. Humans have to work hard for their achievements and if you agree, then you will like this novel. By the way I didn't give myself 5 stars because there is always room for improvement with my novel. Thanks for reading and I hope some of you will enjoy my novel.


Dear author, I love how you write, you explain very well the plot and the atmosphere of the novel. Have you ever thought about writing a magical novel? Like "Warlock of the Magus World" or "Age of Adepts", I think if you wrote that kind of novel you would have a really great novel.


So far I love this novel sure it starts out a little slow but its suppose to be based on a actual story so it pans out. The only somewhat of a “flaw” if you can call it that is we really nothing about the outside world but that will probably be fixed in later chapters. If you like books with a lot of chapter development than this is the novel for you.I really hope the author finishes it and doesn’t drop


Second - The story starts slow and there is a reason to that. I want to describe as much as I can in this novel so although there will be some time skips (especially when there are repeated tasks) I don't want to write the same thing all the time too. 150 chapters the MC is still training... this is not a slow start even Shelly is faster than the story.. it will be boring if this continues


This is a perfect example of a hidden gem. The quality of the writing, the character and story development. If finally the update frequency makes it a great novel that don’t deserve its low ranking. While it may have slow progression, I personal enjoy that because it allows you to see how the Mc slowly transforms over time.


Although the novel starts slow, I like it that way. The MC doesn't possess godly powers from the beginning. The release rate is steady and I've seen much worse quality of writing on this website so yea overall I like it a lot.


Read it although slow in the beginning, it has good descriptions and a great setting................................................,...,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,,..,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,


Loved the story mate. It’s progress is very detailed and not rushed at all. I love the mc growth and the fact he doesn’t lose focus of his goal. His development and growth is down beautifully. I hope u continue the great work.


I did not expect to find such a hidden gem in this site, where harem bul**** and dumb OP MC is like grass. The pace of the novel is slow but well thougth, i like how pragmatic the MC is and his world view. So author, keep with the good work.....


This novel is master piece........Up till now it has never betrayed my expectation.......A TRUE ORIGINAL NOVEL IN EVERY SENSE.........LOVE IT.......


Very few novel are so well written on this website, the story development is great the details are amazing, the worldbuilding is solid the character (mc) i like a lot not op just hard working, with a brilliant mind, and he can be stupid at times. I’m looking forward for more novel like this


Another 5 star review and another book added to the pay for in the future pile. The chapters are clear and I never get bored, grammar is very good and language is suitable. Overall, this is a top notch book with a quality comparable to those 500 chapter premium novels


Reveal spoiler


Well developed story with lot off background And many surprise the protagonist can have a lot of good luck and bad luck at the same time and it is very refreshing Sorry for the english (Not my native language) Keep the good work evil author


Story is slow paced in starting and MC develops naturally. Only flaw is abnormal luck of MC. Even after going through lot of traps and backstabbing, he behaves recklessly and without any caution. Author tries to paint MC as prudent and cautious but MC's actions are more like happy-go-lucky.


I would say this is one of the best novels here on webnovel. It is slow pacing fantasy novel with unique cultivatoin aspect. Main character`s development is one of a kind. Only thing that this novel suffers from is lack of information about the world.




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