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Level Infinity Weakest King


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"My Level in this world is Infinity?" An old man dies and gets reincarnated in a world filled with magic. He was shocked at first as his dream had been realized but it was only later he understood that the world was none other than the Gaming World in which he had adventured earlier. Though it seems like many thousands of years have passed by. Will he have some fun or will he just be bored yet again? Join me in this amazing journey! [ I'm so sorry guys, the chapters from 1- 40 are in weird dialect. It's rubbish, to be honest, I hope you forgive me for that. Those chapters contain only 500-800 words! ] [ Chapters after 53 is locked so they are of 1000+ words. Incidentaly, from chapter 60 onwards, chapter contains 1500-2000 words ] [ The sounding might be different and there might be lot of errors, ( English is not my native language )but those errors won't be repeated again from chapter 165 that is ] [ Read at your own risk, if the chapters anger you or upset you, you may quit but don't lave hate comments or reviews that demotivate behind! ] [ Last edited on 05/24/2021 ]


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