Legend of the White Haired Cultivator
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Legend of the White Haired Cultivator


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What is Legend of the White Haired Cultivator

Read Legend of the White Haired Cultivator novel written by the author Dumpling_Aunt on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, cultivation, fantasy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a world where the advancement in Science and Technology had reached its zenith, is there anyone who truly believes in things beyond science? Lim Su Ren, an ordinary university student who had always believed in the existence of magic encountered a strange bright star one night which changed her life overnight and she also learned that her soul is millennium years old with legendary purple, red and white flames. Lim Su Ren: "What the hell is going on with my hair, how can it turn Silver overnight? Wait, does this make sense, how can I explain this to my family?? *****: " Host, Your hair is White" Lim Su Ren: "Now is not the time to argue whether it's white or silver. Quickly think of a solution" Cover art doesn't belong to me if you are the owner and wanted to take it down, please comment down. Want to support the Author, buy me a coffee- https://ko-fi.com/dumplingaunt Thank you.

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A shameless review from the Author... 5 stars because it's my book. Ahem, If you are reading this book and enjoying it, add it to your library and don't forget to leave an honest review. Thank you. (/•3•)/


this story feels so real and it is well written! it has me hooked already and i want to keep reading. the author did a great job in creating this story


Thank you author about this interesting cultivation novel. This is my cup of tea. and i like Story with FL age Progression since child. with her identity still mystery.


so far the story is going nicely. even though development is a bit fast it's a plus that MC is not a typical weak heroin who always needs saving. looking forward to more chapters. >.<


Another Female Protagonist, this is the second time. Honestly, I love stories about Cultivation and Overpowered Protagonist, the although I'm not fond of female protagonist, I know I'm a bit Gender Bias and I'm sorry about it, but I can't take it out of my Personality, Maybe because I'm a Male. At first I really don't want to read it, but as the story goes on, other than female protagonist the overpowered is there. I Love the story after reading more than 5 Chapters, I'm looking forward for an Update, I'm thinking about the Protagonist, Silver Hair, Kawaii! In an Anime I love silver hair Girls. . . Mind you, Although my own story is not that Awesome, I'm also a type of person not easy to pique the interest of others work, Once I feel dissatisfied, I will leave Immediately, and why I telling it, because if I give you a high evaluation, It means I really like your story, and what? I also leave a review, Nice one Author. Keep the good work Author..


your book is to good pls update it regularly .I love the story plot and the character development . I am waiting for the further updates of the book


I have to tell you, I love Cultivation books, and I can say for sure that I love yours, I like the interactions of the characters, there is no jealousy and bully stuff, well from women I mean. I like it so 5 stars. I'll cheer you up! so, fighting!


I only have one word for this novel, one word only. Are you curious about my one word too? Why so curious? Stop reading to find out my one word man. Omg, please stop being so curious. Curiosity will kill the cat, don't you know this. Fine, seeing how you're so desperate to know my one word. It's collection. What collection? Obviously add it to your library fool.


Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Great Great Great Great Great Great


Typical one day you're fighting with your sister about doing the laundry and the next day some star sends you to another world with a whammy.


Really enjoyed the refreshing cultivation start! 😊 The background world was inventive and innovational. 📚 I enjoyed the fight scene, it kept me hooked. Can't wait for more author, Keep up the good work.


Reveal spoiler


I love your plot. I smell mystery. The story is full of twists and turns. The word background is also great. The characters description is also intriguing and appreciable. You did your best .Your novel worth your efforts.


Very interesting story so far~ the Lim Su Ren and White Flame interactions are adorable! I'm hoping for more of those. Nevertheless, the grammar and punctuation, and the story setting (like describing the room where the characters are for example) could do more improvements so to give more depth. Overall, the flow and pacing is good and it's fun to read~


Wow Author! The story is unique, and more importantly funny! Something interesting happens in every chapter and it's always engaging. Our protagonist is very relatable and over powered and I love it. Very nice novel, keep going author!


The story is pretty interesting but there's a lot of things to work on. Since you've mentioned that your English isn't very good, I won't comment on that. I've noticed with the way you write this, that's it more of a script/play telling than an actual novel. I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but if it isn't I recommend changing it up. Also personally, I think we're jumping a little all over the place, but if this is how you want it then I won't say anything. But it might be better to slow down, because we went from introduction to magic to imagination to church to star all in one chapter. I recommend you slow down, especially with chapter one. Chapter one is where you introduce everything. The magic, the main character, all that jazz. You can use that sword scene to hide clues or explain some things about your fantasy world. I don't know if the way it's written is due to bad translation or your style, but you could try making the sentences less choppy. It sounds like you google translated it (which maybe you did). If you used translate just skip over this. But if you didn't here are my comments. 1. First off, you could try making what your characters say more realistic if you get what I mean, not like some foreigner speaking english. 2. Add more description, especially with fantasy worlds, appealing to the imagination is key. You want the reader to be able to see what you're writing. Like oh a beast? I wanna really see it in my mind. You say "huge python." What does that mean? Is it a regular python with magic? Something more? Maybe it's really python like with long fangs dripping with lethal venom. Maybe it has scales that magically reinforced. Stuff like that. 3. Take your time with the explanation of all the aspects of the fantasy. How the white flame works, how magic works all that stuff. Don't wanna be twenty chapters and go huh, how'd she do that and then have to read back. Overall, I like the story, it seems really interesting. If you fine-tuned some things and worked on it I think it could awesome.


It's been an interesting ride so far! It's always entertaining to see a sassy, modern-age girl being transported into these worlds where power is king, especially when they get enough power themselves to shake the heavens. Lim Su Ren's story is just starting out but she's got a few tricks so far that definitely make it seem like she'll be making waves soon. A very fun ride


This is a great novel! :D The premise is intriguing, and the characters are likable imo. It started with a nice hook to keep you into reading more. :D Punctuation could use a bit of work, but it's still an enjoyable read regardless. <3 Good work, author!


Me gusta mucho la trama de la historia y la personalidad de la protagonista espero con ansias las actualizaciones para saber que sucede en el bosque


a well written novel with good world building, description and plot is interesting. Recommended. gkdddgg96o7rofufigoyodiye96 iydid7rp7r07r07r07r


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