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LAST MISSION is a popular web novel written by the author JumanKalita, covering SYSTEM, ROMANCE, ACTION, COMEDY, MODERN, ADVENTURE, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 72.1K readers with an average rating of 4.77/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 73 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Ever heard of a team consisting of convicts and undercover agent? Mr. Dayal, a investigation officer is trying hard to solve his very last case as he'll soon retire from his service. It was not only the last mission for him but also a sort of justice to his daughters culprit that he tells about at the end. Everything seemed to end as he got no information or traces of the culprit even after working on it for the last 1year.He needed a team to support him. One day on his way back home he coincidentally collided with Jake who has connections with this politician that Mr. Dayal assumed to be the main culprit. Jake promised to help him along with the other 3 officers who were selected for the team. Later Mr.Dayal named the his team BLACK. In the process they not only unveiled more secrets but also get more close to each other. The problem begins when a sudden misfortune happens only to destroy what they have been trying hard work on. Will they be able to last as a team till the end? Will they succeed in the last mission? Find me: Discord: Juman12#1675 Join my discord server for more updates!! https://discord.gg/k4muFv2P


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I really love the premise. Its so unique, something you wouldn't find often. I can't wait to read more. The writing style isn't bad either, better than most on the platform. Keep it up author! 😉


hey lovelies! Hope you are enjoying the story . This is just the beginning. Hang there till the end with me to discover more of their secrets !!


While in this site - Webnovel - they are already bunch of reincarnation, system, cultivation, game-based, harem, isekai-ed stories... finding mystery + detective-like plot itself is already rare. And here we are found one of the rare story in the site. The plot is intriguing and the first murder case already get me hooked. The detectives having their own characters that either make the investigation harder and easier. Such an odd combination indeed, but they did the job done. So far, the story is good, except some grammar issues which I'm not gonna judge since in my own novel grammar issues also in it. But a quite notable issue I have would likely the dialogue which sometimes lack of who's talking and to whom one talking. It took me quite a while to understand it. But, there's still a but... these all are based on the very early chapters and I believe later in the story, the author already improve his/her "style" of dialogue which is I want to continue to read. Overall, the plot, mystery and cases are extraordinary good... despite the early chapters that are quite confusing for some. Just give it a try until you reach a certain number of chapters, then you good to continue. For the author, simply keep writing and have fun! :D


This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes away from this. It feels like heaven to read, I wanna read it so much. If this novel got some drive, then thanked God its still alive. This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes away from this. I need this novel like it's quite all right. I need this novel to warm my lonely nights. Just read this novel, cause I... say... Shameless Promotion: Check out my novel: Crowning Cruel Crow. Hahaha. https://m.webnovel.com/book/crowning-cruel-crow_18100192205265505






Ok, so far it is definitely interesting to read this book. An officer already on his retirement with his strange team consisting of a former prisoner to solve the case. The characters are well thought and written, I am already waiting for the future chapters to see how the Story unfolds. Novels with such storyline or protagonist are quite rare on web novel. It is unique and akin to fresh breath of air to the already congested genre of the website .Hope you will give it a shot to promote such unique novels.


okey,okey i don't read often,hell i don't find a lot of good books but yours books and this one are really good,really good good story,you sould really give it a chance if you haven't already !


Loved the way the story is written. Can be improvised, but so far, the story flow smoothly as the author tries to strengthen the background of Dayal. This book has a potential, you should try it too.


Hey people! Don't forget to vote and/or put review to this book. .. hope you'll like it. happy reading 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃




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