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What is King Reigan

King Reigan is a popular web novel written by the author cutelit4ever, covering COMEDY, SYSTEM, EVOLUTION, SUPERPOWERS, ACTION, SURVIVALGAME, SUPERNATURAL, MAGICALREALISM, DARK, HORROR, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 15.5K readers with an average rating of 4.92/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 30 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A thousand years after the Zombie apocalypse, more than half of the human population have remained their superpower ability and every child at the age of 7 will have their power awakens, and Reigan on the other hand haven't awakened, making him choose a path of dreaming to have a normal life. Until a child's voice disturbed the world peace, and make them fight on their life on the line. With King candidates having a unique power and player doing their best to level up by killing. And Reigan, being the main target of every race to be murdered. See how Reigan wins the game and became the King of all Realm while discovering the truth behind this so-called "Game of Survival". --- Author here! This is my first time writing this type of story, I hope you guys will like it and enjoy it... There will be a little bit of brutality in the long run. Also, please support me by voting, gifts, and comments... (´つヮ⊂) shameless author. So... Please relax, read, and enjoy~ P.S. The picture is not originally mine, I just did a little editing with it, the original pic is credited to the artist.

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Another good story! The synopsis have a lot of contradiction, It makes you wonder which one will it be. I like how the character is, Reigan and Celine... I wonder how the development will be... Keep it up, author. I will wait for your chapters.


Unique storyline. I liked how the story started at the beginning of the chapter. This story reminded me of the movie "Nerve." The writing style is well written. Grammar and use of words are remarkable. The main character is well portrayed. Definitely recommended for reading. keep up the good work, author!


The book and the story itself is just great! I know I've said it before but it's really a good book/story! I love how different they are to each other and you can easily distinguish the likes of it. Keep it up! Lovelots, Cie😊😊❤❤


i like your synopsis, also read the initial chapters and all i can say is continue writing. i will be waiting for more updates. i like how you flesh out the story also, kudos!


The plot was nice, I'm getting curious about what will happened in the end of this story already :) LOL.I like how the story goes as the MC try to live a normal (Who doesn't? Everyone wants that) Good job author keep it up!!


The story is good, although there may be some grammar mistakes, the story progression is good and the story is thrilling. Overall a good book.


The story is very intriguing and has a good writing style. The story is interesting enough to keep you wanting to read more. Good job Author! 🥰💖


the book is really good with a lot of sarcasm. the storyline is interesting about a person being so obsessed with normalcy. but one only wants normal till they get a taste of the real power. I really like the story. Kudos to the Author


The storyline is very interesting and I sure I'm going to fall in love with the book once I start reading it. I am definitely adding it to my library


Dreams are always valid or atleast that is my belief. The story line is unique. The narration is neither quick paced nor too slow. It's just the right speed. I like your descriptive language and how you introduce the world .


I really liked how author has set up the conflicts within this novel whether it be the little conflict of him Celine or him wanting to live a normal life against all odds, it sparks interest and curiosity which makes me want to read it further. The comedic undertone and unique setting is also hilarious. Kudos to the author.


loved the way of writing and tbh i really like Reigan name. the story is amazing these type of stories hype me the most. keep up the amazing work Author


Reveal spoiler


I'm truly impressed by the plot development and narration of this story, It is well-crafted and captivating. The contrast between Reigan and Celine is really strong and I do want to read more!


i am already hooked with the initial chapters, they make me want to continue with the story! by far, the story is amazing and the author's writing style gives u a vivid description of the novel's world. hoping for more updates, good luck author!


Wow, this is really good 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 great job Author ❤️❤️❤️ you really did your work of catching the reader's attention with your first chapters. Well I'm already hooked, can't wait to see how the story progresses.


Almost impossible to put down. In a quest for love, the world changes. With a lot of twist and turn, the writer wasn't confused of where the story was going😉




I really like the plot of the story.. It's something that readers can relate.. Because every person wanted to be normal as much as possible And they know that they tried really hard to be one.. But there will be a point of time where people will realize that somehow their not.. Because every person is special... And there's no turning back but to be yourself.. Keep it up..


is it yuji? is it sukuna? hmmmm the cover entice me to read this story! Here is 5 stars to motivate you to update more!


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