Killing Game Quarter
novel - Horror&Thriller

Killing Game Quarter

Jacket Josh

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What is Killing Game Quarter

Read Killing Game Quarter novel written by the author Jacket Josh on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


11 Students wake up in a completely isolated building, with no way out, and no way to tell the time of day. They are forced to follow the rules of a "Killing Game' in order to earn their freedom, where murdering means a potential escape. From personal tensions and handpicked motivations, will they be able to find a way out before they all drop dead?

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this is an amazing story that constantly has you questioning especially the last trial which had me feeling bitter. can't wait for more episodes to be made because I would enjoy seeing the others that were on the boat


To be honest this kind of books gives me chills 💜💜💜💜 it's really good. Hope I got to read in paper bags and see in movies . Keep it up dear Author .


Read the first two chapters and it looks promising. Just a few typos but it's a good book..[img=update]. Author did a good work..thumbs up[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update]


I'm currently at chapter 5 and this story is so intriguing. I'll read more of it, just need to charge my phone haha. Great work author, I love it so much. I'll be back after to read more.


Ok, so I read this thinking this is Danganronpa's fan fiction but no. Although it is using Ultimate which suspiciously really makes it feels like it is, but that ending. I give this 5*


Dear author your book is magnificent I personally love to read horror books... you had me hooked from the first word till the end. I hope to read more soon


I love horror and thriller books and I'll admit this is one of my best so far,it kinda reminds me of game room and jigsaw. Nice job author,this book is really intriguing and fascinating 👍👍👍👍👍👍




I love the concept of this novel, and it exquisite's it wonderfully. The story is compelling and it's well written. I'd recommend this to any fans of dangarompa or dead man wonderland.


Wow! This is an amazing hour story that doesn't take time getting into it's horrors. The author does a great job in making us feel like we are actually in the room with the three captives who are kidnapped. We feel the tension growing and it's so interesting. It's one book that commands you to keep on reading and it's certainly enjoyable. I love the characters who are excellently written especially for me the bald guy who has extreme anger issues. The story is amazing and one I will keep reading for sure. I give it a 10/10 for it's brilliance in all respect. I couldn't find any bad about this novel because all I encountered reading it is goodness. I recommend it to other reader,please start reading this masterpiece


Great story you've got here! I'm imagining this as an actual movie. I love horror, I'm therefore in the right place. Thank you for this amazing book. Just keep going!


Since I started reading the story I got addicted. The suspense, the unknowns, and the way the story is generally told is simply magnificent. I love it! I hope the author will keep writing forever, he has an incredible talent. [img=recommend]


An imposing way to start a novel! It nearly knocked me on spot. An inspiration for readers who write! I haven't read all the chapters but it definitely have uniqueness to it. The character building—their personalities—it has been delivered with ease! Bless up, author! Continue instilling inspiration^^


I love the way the writer started, the prologue was catching and intriguing too. This a thriller book, the language use was simple and understandable for every reader. I would recommend this book if you need a thrillingly book.


Intriguing synopsis draws you into the story and it does not disappoint. The story starts off slow but slowly picks up with suspense and danger. A worthwhile read.




Just by reading both the Synopsis and Prologue, I was immediately hooked. I am a sucker for suspense/horror/thriller. The concept of the Killing Game combines "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell with The Hunger Games. The author having to develop 11 different characters is no easy task. I commend their work and excited to continue reading! Great work!


This author does a fantastic job of hooking the reader in from the start and builds a story that feels both spooky and mysterious. The tension builds from the get go and you’ll want to read this one with the lights on. [img=recommend]


This is a very well written book, in my opinion. The characters and storyline are really intriguing so far, and it’s a serious page-turner. It keeps me asking questions and wondering what comes next. Definitely worth reading.


Truthfully told!!! the story is amazing. I have seen so many movies like this genre but this one piques my interest. I am thinking why in every group there are two elites from like the ultimate and only one is normal. As if the game maker is trying to find out who is more capable. The elites? Or the normal ones! Keep it up, please! Cause I need more chapters!!!


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