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What is Peace

Read Peace novel written by the author Misan Akuya on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


You can own Part One (chapters 1-16) newly edited and in book form on Amazon.com:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NW3PTSG Please support us on Patreon!: $1 a month gets you a thank you at the end of every chapter: https://www.patreon.com/MisanAkuya?fan_landing=true The year is 2020. Richard Anders, a 26-year-old psychologist in Los Angeles, fresh out of graduate school begins to deal with a tough patient, a young woman who has a great deal of trauma, and his colleague, a 32-year-old woman who is already a celebrated psychologist. All the while a turn of events, being infected by a female “Demon.” In Tokyo Japan, Sara Takimoto and her friends are in their senior year of high school. Already dealing with her best friend, Hina, revealing to her that she will not be joining her at U.L.C.A in the fall, witnesses a bus driver accidentally running over and killing a Demon. Finding out that he had killed a human being in the same fashion years prior leaves Sara conflicted. And in Lima Peru, Fiorella Sanchez, a 22-year-old single mother of fraternal twins is visited by the son of a rich man that her mother was involved with. Searching for the truth behind the Demons, Fiorella discovers that she herself is not as human as she has believed herself to be. 2020 will forever be known as the year of the Demon.

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Oh my gosh!!!, the synopsis really got me and the first few chapters I read are quite captivating. I really love the twist and the way the story keeps surprising me at every chapter... I definitely recommend this book.


Only three words. I.Love.it! I always been into horror and thriller (for reading I mean), and this definetly describe what i meant it. The extension of the chapter, are perfect, the style and the writing too. I hope to read more chapters soon!


I like the way you proceed the story with such fascinating scenes, your writing and vocabulary is on point. It seems rare nowadays to see someone writing on topics like that, and I like how you explain your characters, your plot is great and praise worthy. Great job, keep writing. :))


The synopsis is intriguing, well written and well described. I love the characters and the twist in the story. Nice work author..🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘🤩🤩🤩🤩


Honestly never thought that I could relate so much to a story. It was emotionally genuine and the characters are to die for. The references were clear and so was the writing. Totally looking forward to continuing this book.


Quite an interesting story, it makes me keep reading more and more. The grammar is great and the characters interesting. Even though I don't like reading horror/thriller stories I actually like this one a lot.


Seriously I have never into horror and thriller......iam more in to romance stuff but reading your story made me read more of this genre.... Your writing style is too good and the plot is too deep....I really like reading it👏😊👍


Strong story. You blew my mind. You added all my favorite things in one book. How did you do it? Physiology, thriller, horror... Not to mention your characters. Everything is just flawless, book perfection. I absolutely love it.


Very much engaging to the readers. The vocabulary is very captivating, Every detail in the novel was fun to read. The novel is very much never-wreaking as it is a very qualitative.


I'm still trying to understand how you came about this whole plot! it's so damn good! The characters are all cool. I'm enjoying every bit of it.


HELL YES. Horrors and thrillers have to be my favourite type of books. And then there's an element of psycology, plus phenomenal writing skills??? Sign me up. I'm adding this to my library.


Hey, your fellow author here! The book cover is gorgeous, gives off a sense of serenity and also a sad vibe. The synopsis managed to make me curious about the "Demons". Made me want to know more. I've never really liked reading about psychology because more often than not I find the most disturbing things about people. It is a very deep topic once I find time to dwell in it. And dwell in it I did in this book. The dialogue does well to cover the characters' traits. Describes them really well without being too detailed. The flow and pace of the story is just nice, gives me time to process the details. Keep up the good work!


Beautifully written literature! This is a well thought out and interesting story. It is a very unique one too. The narration is professionally done, the characters are so well-rounded and the word choices are excellent. This is a gem in the making.


This is fantastic. i love everything about this book. Everything from the story telling and the characters flows well together. lo and behold, I actually wanted to be a therapist so i was automatically interested in the story.


I must say, I am not the biggest fan of horror but this nook is the real deal. Every moment of this book keeps you wanting more... the author has done a great job here. A must read.


Peace is an incredible story, I cannot drop when u start reading.. The author has done a great job.. I cannot help myself but to keep reading this masterpiece. Perfect structure, intriguing synopsis that calls u deeper into the chapters. Kudos to this amazing author, because this is indeed a great job. I love this novel and I recommend it as a good read.


Such a fascinating story! im intrigue by the characters and plot line! Everything is well written and the flow of story went smoothly. Each chapter makes us wanted to know what gonna happen onto the next chapter. Kudos to author! highly recommend the book![img=update][img=update]


WOW. I love this novel, I'd highly recommend it. The characters are what really drew me in, they have both style, and personality. Can't say I'm surprised that this is published on other platforms such as Amazon.


This is an amazing story!! It is so refreshing to see new non anime related stories on Webnovel. The grammar is amazing and the author has done a brilliant job of giving each character a sense of individuality. Congratulations. However, there are some small bits which I wish to point out, there are numerous points in the writing where extra lines have been added, I have a great suspicion that this was accidental, but it does break the flow of the story just that little bit. Also, I noticed that the format of your story was rather strange. If I had initially seen those two lines of promotion I would never have read your works, but fortunately I only saw it after reading parts of your story. I would advise you move these lines to end as I am sure many others feel the same.


Great Work... I loved how the author has narrated her story...the synopsis had a catch to grab readers attention...the characters are very well described...all in all A very good book to read.☺️☺️


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