Queen of the Castaway Isle
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Queen of the Castaway Isle


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What is Queen of the Castaway Isle

Queen of the Castaway Isle is a popular web novel written by the author CCmei, covering APOCALYPSE, SECONDCHANCE, REBORN, TIME TRAVEL, HIDDEN GEM, R-18, SECOND CHANCE, FAMILY, GORE AND VIOLENCE, DEPICTION OF CRUELTY, Horror&Thriller genres. It's viewed by 1.1M readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 132 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 64 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Sophie liked to think of herself as a tough sort of woman, a survivor. As an average person, she survived hell on earth and returned to tell the tale. Give or take. In a tragic freak accident, she and the survivors of two plane crashes were trapped on a strange uninhabited island. It took 8 years for help to locate them. Of the original 288 missing passengers and crew, only 22 people remained. The world went wild, everyone wanted to know what happened. What went on there? In a true Lord of the Flies fashion, it was humanity at its worst. It was hell on earth, a miniature apocalypse in the middle of the ocean. Sure Sophie had survived, but even after years of intensive therapy, she isn't always happy about it. Those who murdered her younger brother were now rich, those who raped and left her baby sister to die in childbirth were famous. The kings of that hell island, monsters wearing human skin, had sold their stories and were now living the good life after. And try as she might move on, hell has followed her home. Till she wakes up 13 years back in the past that is. Less than 1 day before her scheduled flight to hell. ---- https://discord.gg/ARkSMFPbew Will be posted on other sites such as Royal Road and Scribblehub

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So far book has not disappointed me can’t wait to see how it unfolds just hope at the end they survive would suck if after all that they don’t make it out of there


Based on this short synopsis I can't wait to read this novel. What an incredible premise for a rebirth/going back in time story. I'm really looking forward to it.


Amazing premise for a story as well as a perfect follow through. Definitely a must read story that’ll have you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next!


This is really well written and interesting i stayed up all night reading it and loved it its not at the level of stuff like the wheel of time of course but its definitely at least as good as a lot of books you can find in book stores id say its at least on the level of the florida **** reads books probably better i haven’t read all of them yet though


The story is exatly what the synopsis promise, a great, strong but scarred female lead and an immersive plot, if I had the time I would've read all the currently released chapters in one sitting!!!


This went right in my list with my favourite ones.. And it's a really short list. From the hundreds of books I have here less than 20 cut it and I think that says a lot of the quality of the book. It's innovative, refreshing, well thought and was a solid plot even tho layerd which is harder to do. Dear author I read somewhere in the comments that you got stressed about making this worthy or better or something. You just need to keep doing what you doing your story revolves in a masterpiece as it is. You are doing a great job and I'm grateful for sharing it. One plea though.. Please don't drop this. Thank you.


This novel is an amazing survival story, the details and info about survival tools and surviving in the wilderness are incredible, the trauma of the MC is written so realistically and the way she tries to deal with it remembering her terapist tips are really good as well... After this one sided review, I really recommend giving this novel a try


Not to sound unprofessional, because I am usually very particular about how I rate novels, but with this novel, I have no criticism. Honestly, this novel, though a bit morbid, is absolutely astounding and my persona favorite. The writing quality, stability of updating, story development, character design, and world development; everything allows this novel to deserve a five star rating. This novel is a solid recommendation if you’re willing to read.


The story has all the elements I really like in a novel. It is very detailed but not boring at all. It is something that you would want to finish and can’t wait to do so just because the story is so compelling. Hopefully, the author will update this regularly.


This story is amazing in how it doesn't try to explain what's going on like other amatuer novels. It's exciting and thrilling and reveals just that much to keep you wanting more. The spelling and grammar is forgivable, hopefully it improves though. The characters feel more real and raw although it does feel a bit forced at the very beginning, but it's barely noticeable. A solid story, I will be a $10 patreon if there's quicker updates, just leaving that bait there.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


This is the first time I've read such a practical and well flesged out survival story. Of course we're just at the beginning but I really liked the way the mc made preparations before going headfirst into danger. Also, the pacing is great. I'm anticipating what's coming next. The world building is going great as we get to know more about the island as the mc explores tge different parts of it. There's also a mystery element to it that pulls me in. Really interesting read. I definitely recommend everyone to give this story a chance. I for one am really enjoying this.


This Webnovel is a gem! I’m generally not a fan of Magic’s surrealism but the way it is written into the story has an eerie, plausibly supernatural quality to it. Is it madness, is it real? Very compelling. To the author, you have a wonderful concept and story. You have excellent writing chops and could def put this on amazon or whatever as a series or stand alone book. You do need to work on transitions a touch, commas and some spelling /grammar oddities...but that’s just a little editing and you are golden. Your characters aren’t just stand ins....they aren’t perfect yet but I’ve seen well regarded published authors do less. Anyway please keep up the good work and keep growing your world.


I have read (and dropped) a lot of stories in this app and I can't decide if this, Queen of the Castaway Isle, is my rank 1st or 2nd best story here in Webnovel (the other one is I Was Born the Unloved Twin, lol). One day when I become a bit smarter and more eloquent I'll write a better review for QCI. I think no matter what I say now it wouldn't give justice to how great this novel is.


This is an excellent book for reading. A change from the normal romantic comedy/tragedy. The characters are powerful and realistic with a wide range of emotions.


I absolutely love that is a must must. It’s so original and refreshing if you have the time and you like an interesting storyline with a strong female lead I would definitely suggest this


Love this book. Out of all the reincarnation stories I’ve read for the past 4 years this plot has got to be the best and most interesting I’ve ever read. Can’t wait to read and follow this story till the end❤️❤️❤️❤️


daym, this novel almost got me into depression spiral. i just got to read this damn novel, and its good shiet. the story is great, and teach me a lot of survival and prepareness, heck i will prepare like i go to get stranded whenever i take a plane. luckly i can stop and realized this novel stopped at 55 before the story got reeeeealy serious.


all i have to say is that this is one of the few novels i anticipate the updates for the most in webnovel ^^ (even though it only updates like once a week, the chapters are pretty long so i've managed to restrain my urge to read more since most novels in webnovel that updates everyday or so, has pretty short chapters. I've somehow managed to treat it as a satisfying weekly read(*´∇`*))


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