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Isekai Underdog


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What is Isekai Underdog

Read Isekai Underdog novel written by the author Eleraan on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, system, harem, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


For Sael being pulled to another world wasn’t something he minded. In fact, when he found out he was the only one chosen for the warrior class from those he arrived with he was thrilled. Until he found out in order to receive all the tasty power-ups that always come with this type of situation he must battle a terrifying monster without any of said tasty powers. Even in success things aren’t quite going the way he expected. Still, everyone loves an underdog, including it seems the system powering those brought to this new world. On his journey, he will make friends with both other Arrived and the locals. Find romance often when he isn’t looking for it. And of course new enemies around every corner from the mindless monsters of the world to the diabolical powers behind everything. And maybe even find time to unlock the secret of the Arrived, if he lives that long.


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Having read the 16 chapters available for this story at the time of this review I can say it is one of the better written stories I have encountered. The main character is relatable, the events flow between interesting and hilarious, and what little I have seen of the world lore makes me want more. Though at chapter 16 very little is known about the world as the story largely focuses on the central character in a middle of nowhere village, big things do seem to be brewing. I feel once more of this story is written it will become a popular one.


The author here, just realized I never did a review for my own story. So of course I've got to give it five stars right? I've actually had a lot of fun writing the story so far and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!


i just read the first 10 chapters just to try it and it was a pleasant surprise the chapters are considerable long, it have good description of combat, the mc is likeable, the plot is well paced, things are happening and the mc is part of it but he lack information because There is not much convenience because although it is a fantasy world apparently it is real not like a video game-fantasy(for the MC it's like that but he has the system ) more like real-fantasy so animals and monsters do not appear out of nowhere after dying or at least not on a superficial level maybe in a dungeon they will , and this kind of things intrigues me to continue reading. there much more things but I invite you to read this novel that is worth the time


This is a great story. Fights are fast paced and you can imagine each move. Characters are well developed and humor is slipped into the interactions. I look forward to seeing what will happen next.


MC is likable and story progresses with humor, sadness and heartwarming. Story has elements that appeal to both male and female readers. Best read in a long time


This is a fast paced adventure with an interesting world and internally consistent characters that combine to make something that is both compelling and satisfying. The world building is somehow both familiar and original, in that you'll have no trouble understanding the tropes built on, but find interest in the ways they are used or unique to the setting. The world is well put together with understandable antagonists. One of the best things is everything any character does in this makes sense. It might not be what you would have done, but you can understand why they did it. It has an overpowered protagonist, but 1. If you dislike that what are you doing here? 2. In this case it is 100% necessary for the story to work. If you like a fantasy adventure story, and don't at least try this, you are doing yourself a disservice.


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