If The Moon Can Be Counted As A Star
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If The Moon Can Be Counted As A Star


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What is If The Moon Can Be Counted As A Star

Read If The Moon Can Be Counted As A Star novel written by the author Write_D_Words on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering weaktostrong, sliceoflife, werewolf, sweetlove, humanandbeast. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a degree of losing hope, Xiao Mei Zhi an ordinary human decides to go to a Pub. Her plan of winning the Free Fire World Cup dissipated. She is confident that it can not be worse than what she just left behind. Her To-do-list is the only companion she has. She has no idea what kind of drink she ordered. With bottoms up, there was something changing inside her. She felt her skin is burning up. Before she could take any action, she captured the attention of a man that has almost the same age as her based on his looks. "Bashert?" Xiao Mei Zhi froze for a second before she passed out, not knowing that her life will deliberately change and find herself an Alpha Hero to love.


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The prologue was PERFECT! I love how magical your words were, conveying exactly what imagine them to be. The quirky gamer MC got me hooked up to read more! Great job author ❤


This novel has a lot of potential, and I really like how you wrote it; it's simple to follow and quite enjoyable to read! I'm excited to read the rest of the chapters! It has also been added to my library. Keep going!


Can I just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the description gives out nothing...??? Like, every time I pick up a book, I can mostly guess what it is about from the description alone but this time, I had no idea what I was getting into!! It makes you curious to know more and the story is just like the cherry on top. I would definitely recommend this to everyone reading this review!!


Okay, I read the synopsis and thought it was just a random werewolf story but then O_O Gaming and werewolves?? The concept and the writing blend super well together. Just from the prologue, I could tell that this is my type. The characters are well written. The little swap from online and real life is not confusing. Easy on eyes. Recommended!~ Adding it in library~ Good luck Author!


I'm a lover of fate and prophecy, so the opening instantly drew me in... Looking forward to your next chapters, it's a great promising start to the story!




I'm a fan of this author so my opinion is bias as it comes but I would still recommend this book go anyone. The characters are interesting and the plot keeps you wanting to know what happens next.


i really loved it the story the character development overtime it was really really amazing for me.... i would read it multiple times and still wont get bored


When i finish reading the uploaded chapters, I felt alive. My imagination has been awaken, it seems to have moderate pacing and I just like it! the writing is making me want to write too. Thank you! Thank you that your book exist!


Reveal spoiler


A beautiful and unique story. Well written and well told. Completely compelling and intriguing that it’s hard to put down. It sparks emotions and paints a vivid picture. It is really good. Can’t wait for more. A must read.


This is an exciting glimpse of the gaming life and the real life that the lead character is leading. What's happening inside the game was written well by the author in every chapter. Excellent plot, well written, entertaining and the best thing is the character and the modern background of gaming is relatable and well crafted. Well done, Author! Keep it up!


Interesting combo of games and werewolf!! The character's reactions and the background descriptions are vividly explained in the novel. The writing is simple and easy to read without hassle. The story can be little paced as I personally felt it a bit slow. Waiting for more chapters! Keep Going!!


Read the first chapter and gotta say I like it it will be interesting to see how chapter two goes and see how much of characters we meet/see through out this world


It was a quick, nice read. I enjoyed it. The author is still starting, feeling things out but I can feel potential. The characters are stable and the writing quality is good. Please give it a read, you won't regret it.


Another interesting novel was born. I'm glad to be one of the first witness. The details are top notch. While you read, beware of the popping questions in the way. It's really interesting. Truly a novel to look forward to. Thanks Author sis😊


You had me from the prologue❣️ It was so intense and I loved it. Your novel definitely has great potential. One thing I think you should work on is your sentence structure as I've noticed a few errors on that part. Other than that, i really see this novel becoming big. All the best, author


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