If The Moon Can Be Counted As A Star Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

If The Moon Can Be Counted As A Star


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To a degree of losing hope, Xiao Mei Zhi, an ordinary human, decides to go to a Pub. Her plan of winning the Free Fire World Cup dissipated. She is confident that it can not be worse than what she just left behind. Her To-do-list is the only companion she has. She has no idea what kind of drink she ordered. But, with her bottoms up, something was changing inside her. She felt her skin burning up. Before she could take any action, she captured the attention of a man that has almost the same age as her based on his looks. "Bashert?" Xiao Mei Zhi froze before she passed out, not knowing that her life would deliberately change and find herself an Alpha Hero to love. Please be aware: This story is at a slow pace.


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