8 CH 8 Results of Training and Power Growth

From the next day, Jin took over Izuku's training while All Might watched from the side.

At first, Jin simply made Izuku do various regular training like running on the beach, push ups, pull ups, etc. But all of it had to be done under the full blast of Jin's Aura Pressure, which acted even better than the previous junk objects for Izuku's training.

While Izuku trained like this, Jin used all his methods to defeat Izuku's clone in the Idle gaming arena. Finally, one week after Izuku received his Quirk from All Might, Jin managed to defeat Izuku's clone in Idle Gaming Arena.

To defeat Izuku's clone, Jin had been forced to stop spending points on Special Skills and instead boost other stats. His current status now looked like this:

[Name: Kyoya Jin]

[Age: 15 Years Old]

[Species: Human]

[Quirk: Idle Gamer System]


[All Stats]

Strength: [250] <0/100,000>

Vitality: [250] <0/100,000>

Endurance: [250] <0/100,000>

Agility: [250] <0/100,000>

Mind: [250] <0/100,000>

Soul: [250] <0/100,000>

[Physical Abilities]

Internal Defense: [25/1000] <0/1,000,000>

Self-Body Control: [25/1000] <0/1,000,000>

Mental Power: [25/1000] <0/1,000,000>

Self-Healing: [25/1000] <0/1,000,000>


Sight: [10/1000] <0/10,000,000>

Smell: [10/1000] <0/10,000,000>

Hearing: [10/1000] <0/10,000,000>

Touch: [10/1000] <0/10,000,000>

Taste: [10/1000] <0/10,000,000>

Sixth Sense: [10/1000] <0/10,000,000>

[Special Skills]

Aura Generation: [3/1000] <0/10,000,000>

Aura Control: [3/1000] <0/10,000,000>

Aura Compression: [0/1000] <0/10,000,000>

Aura Pressure: [1/1000] <0/100,000,000>

Status Points Remaining: [4,005,448]

<Please select an opponent for the system to start collecting Status Points>

[List of enemies available for status points collecting]

[Human: Bakugo Katsuki (14 Year Old)(Quirk: Explosion)] Status points given = 42 ~ 55 per victory (Current Status: Active, Victory Time: 2 seconds)

[Human: Izuku Midoriya (15 Year Old)(Quirk: One For All - 9th Generation)(Still Adapting)] Status points given = 600 ~ 850 per victory (Current Status: Active, Victory Time: 5 Minutes 40 Seconds)

[Human: Toshinori Yagi/All Might (Weakened)(55 Year Old)(Quirk: One For All - 8th Generation)] Status points given = 2400 ~ 3500 per victory (Current Status: Inactive, Victory Time: --)

Total Points Per Day: 2,592,000

Jin had noticed something after he upgraded his status enough to be capable of defeating Izuku. many of the opponents that were previously listed had started disappearing.

It was as if all opponents that were too weak compared to him had got erased from the list.

That was slightly worrisome, as it meant that he could not abuse his powers and just keep taking advantage of weak beings.

If he wanted to keep improving, he would need to find suitable opponents for himself. But with the large number of laws created to punish people trying to be Vigilante, Jin could not go looking for villains on his own.

This meant that for now, he had to be satisfied with the two opponents he had on the list. Once he started High School, maybe he would be able to find more opponents amongst his classmates.

'Well, putting this new development in my quirk aside, I guess the time has come to properly lead Izuku to master his quirk' Jin decided in his mind.

'After all, UA High entrance exam is close, and I can't let Izuku embarrass himself there.'


The next day

Jin stopped Izuku from doing the usual training and instead made him stand a few feet away from him. Meanwhile, Jin took out a bunch of pebbles from his pocket and looked at Izuku.

"Izuku, I am now going to throw these pebbles at you. I want you to react the way that you normally would without even thinking about it." Jin said.

Once Izuku was ready, Jin started chucking the pebbles at Izuku. Izuku dodged a few, deflected some with palm strikes, and even caught a few. All Might didn't understand what Jin was doing, but he decided to stay quiet and wait, for now, giving Jin the benefit of doubt.

When Jin's stock of pebbles ran out, Izuku finally questioned Jin, "Why were you throwing pebbles at me? Was that some form of training?"

"You could say it was, but it also was not at the same time." Jin said, "What we did just now was just a way to remind you how your own body works."

"I don't get it," Izuku said in a confused manner.

All Might too started listening carefully, as he felt that Jin's words were hinting at something that could potentially change the way future One for All wielders will get trained.

"What I am referring to is simple Izuku. When I was throwing pebbles at you, you took a lot of actions to avoid getting hurt by the pebbles. You dodged, you deflected, and you even caught some of them."

"While doing all of that, were you using a single part of your body? Or were you using all parts of your body simultaneously to cooperate with each other and defend against the pebbles?"

Jin's words surprised Izuku for a moment and he thought carefully before replying, "All the actions I did had different areas of focus, but I was using all my body parts simultaneously."

"Exactly. But while using your Quirk, you simply used it as an offensive reinforcement at just one part of your body, your arm." Jin said as he shook his head, "No wonder your arm was under the state of getting crushed with all that pressure despite being in that state for a single moment."

"What you need to do with your quirk is the same as what you do with your actual body, spread it all over your body and use it to reinforce the entirety of your body simultaneously instead of one single part individually."

"I know this will be difficult, especially with the risk of the quirk going out of control and killing you. As such, we will be undergoing special training for the same."

"You will draw forth small amounts of your quirk's power and spread it all over you. Meanwhile, I will be subjecting you to Aura Pressure constantly while also healing you with my Aura at the same time."

"The combination of these three things should help you master the proper way to use your quirk in the shortest possible time. Also, I want you to remember this Izuku. One for All is no longer All Might's quirk, it is yours."

"As long as you treat One for All as someone else's power, you will never master it. While it is okay to respect your predecessors, don't end up demeaning yourself to do it."

"All Might chose you, and now you are the 9th Generation wielder of the quirk. Therefore start to act like a quirk wielder instead of a quirkless. The faster you adapt to the fact that you have a quirk now, the faster you will master your quirk."


Izuku underwent grueling training for close to three weeks under Jin. Finally, two days before UA High exam, Izuku managed to achieve the same transformation state that Jin had seen during his fights with Izuku's clone in the Idle Gaming Arena.

It was still weak compared to what Izuku's clone displayed in the arena, but that was only because Izuku's control over it was shaky. All Might was immensely proud on seeing the power Izuku was able to display.

All Might had a short spar with Izuku and announced confidently that Izuku was currently displaying 8% of All Might's full power constantly while he was in this state, which Izuku named Full Cowl.

This was a great result after only having been using One for All for such a short time. All Might also looked at Jin with a new sense of wonder after seeing what Izuku has managed to achieve.

After all, Jin had managed to get Izuku to master One for All to a level that All Might initially thought would take Izuku months of practice to achieve.

Moreover, Jin seemed to have a better understanding of One for All than its wielder Izuku himself.

Momentarily, All Might wondered what would have happened if he had transferred the quirk to Jin instead. He might have been able to master the quirk better than all his predecessors.

But then All Might remembered why he had chosen Izuku. That flame of selfless heroism that was innately in Izuku was not seen in anyone else so far, not even Jin.

The basic requirement for One for All successors was not power or talent, but rather that heroism that will let them stay on the path of good after gaining such great power.

All Might praised Jin and Izuku for everything they had achieved so far and told them to rest for the next two days before the exam and get in optimum shape. Izuku and Jin followed All Might's advice and did the same, at least to some extent.

While not training in his quirk's power for these two days without All Might and Jin, Izuku continued doing his other training of push ups, pull ups, crunches, weight lifting, etc.

Meanwhile, Jin relaxed while reading books and let his quirk collect status points for him to use. After all, what he needed to get strong was not training, but rather constant patience.

Two days later, Izuku and Jin put on their middle school uniform and packed a set of tracksuits each in their bags along with other essential stuff for the entrance exam.

With Inko wishing them good luck, Izuku and Jin left for UA High entrance exam together.