I lost everything but my will
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I lost everything but my will


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What is I lost everything but my will

I lost everything but my will is a popular web novel written by the author _Tesla, covering ACTION, EVIL-MC, ADVENTURE, MODERN, SYSTEM, ROMANCE, FACE-SLAPPING, CULITVATION, WORLD DESTRUCTION, PSYCHO MC, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 54K readers with an average rating of 4.69/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Suffering... This word has become something I'm used to. It often accurately describes my situation. Depressing isn't it? I lost my dad, Killed my mom, basically life takes away everything I find good, but I'll never give up. I'll never accept defeat, I'll never bow in submission to life and everything it throws at me. I Jena boulevard will become the most powerful being and destroy all of life for that is the only way I deem fit to return the merciless treatment I've been through.

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Honestly, first of all I think the synopsis doesnt do the story justice, imo. I didnt read the tags at first so I was quite surprised to see that this had cultivation and a system! Either way its a pretty good story, it flows nicely and I really like the writing style as its written beautifully and emotional, fitting the tone of the story. We also get to know Jena through it better, the way her feelings and thoughts are expressed speaks to the reader. However, my complaint is, author please make shorter paragraphs! It will make the story easier to read and it would also benefit to let the dialogue stand on its own and not disappear in the paragraphs bc the dialogue is great and deserves it! All in all, great story thats totally worth giving a try! Hope author keeps it up!


The author's writing style is quite unique, I must say. Especially when it comes to the dialogues, they're not the usual and common boring dialogues that everyone reads. Or in short, it's not cliche. When it comes to the story development, it is smooth so far, (five chapters) I have no complaints when it comes to character development, especially when it comes to Jena and Jade. The author describes the characters in order for the readers to portray what the author wants them to portray. Aside from this, it got me hooked from the very beginning. Overall: I will be giving five stars! Keep up the good work and do your best.


If you're looking for a great female lead faceslapping book this is the book for you. And the update frequency is consistent so you know a new chapter comes out soon.


Good book. Can't wait to read ur next book. Can't wait to see the continuation of the book. I couldn't enjoy the book alone my siblings had to join me. Good work. Keep it up


There are so many "Jena" around. Helpless children who are forced into all sort. Little wonder we have some young monsters...who knows what they went through. I am really looking forward to seeing what eventually happened to Jena in this story. Great book and a wonderful writing skills. You got me glued to reading it till the end and still wanting more. Kudos 👌


It's awesome. You really get to understand the main characters circumstances and traits in a short time, and the way she keeps a good attitude withstanding all she's been through at such an early age is commendable. Please update.


I like the title of this book, and just like the titles, the book itself is also nice to read as well. I'm curious to see how the story will continue on! Keep up the good work!


At first I was trying to understand the plot. But reading thru chapter 1 and 2 i caught it. I really feel sorry for the 13yrs old Jenna. This story tells a lot about the modern world. Nice one author keep up this promising story. 👍👍


Well, this is a nice journey. The writing quality is good. The situation of the main character, especially at the beginning, makes you want to empathize/ emotionally connect with her. I can't wait to see how Jena develops in the future chapters. So far this is truly great. It's easy to understand too.


I will be giving 5 stars to this, I really like it ^^ The writing, the story development and the descriptions were fantastic. Everything was great from the title of the novel, which is very attracting, till the last chapter I read. I'm sorry this review is not going to be helpful because I don't have any bad remarks '^^. Good luck on the contest, you must win! You deserve it :)


A very nice level-up story. I liked Jena, the main character. The reader can see her struggle and sympathize with her. Author's writing style is clear and easy to read and understandable. This story has a potential to be popular in the future. Good luck to the author!


So I have two points for my review. Pros: The story was beautfifully written. You got to immerse in their world plus the narrative let you feel the characters's feelings. Cons: There were just minor grammatical errors such as quotation marks on some dialogue and you could try breaking the one paragraph into two to add more simplicity. That's all!


It's a nice read. You could really connect with the MC. It starts off nicely and develops pretty well. And also love how the MC evolves. Keep it up!


To be perfectly honest, I'm quite fascinated by this book. I'm not really fond of novels that has a female protagonist, but this one hits differently. Nevertheless, I still have to give my constructive criticism. (I've only read 7 chapters, by the way.) Grammar: 3/5. It's good, but it could be better. Some sentences are off-putting, to say the least, but it's readable. In comparison to MTL, this should be three grades above it. Punctuations: 2/5. It's horrid. Some sentences goes on for way too long than it's supposed to. In addition, the place where a period needs to be is almost always another comma. I hate to say this but... it's making the overall book less attractive. Try using software like Grammarly to help you fix up both the Grammar and the Punctuations. Dialogues: 2.8/5. It's like the characters are speaking in a robotic manner, especially in the first and second chapter. For visualization, think of it as like reading a script rather than acting it. In order to fix this flaw, I went to a nearby coffee shop and watched other people conversing with each other. It's creepy, I'll admit that, but it greatly helped me. Pacing: 3/5. I like the pacing, but in some parts, it's too fast for me. Try reading some slow-paced novels like 'Great Doctor Ling Ran' to calculate how fast your novel is going. Characters: 3.6/5. I'll get back to this since I've only read 7 chapters. So for now, it sits at 3.6. World-Building: 3.8/5. You established the world in detail, but not to the point that it's not confusing. In the first three or four chapters, I thought I was reading a cultivation novel or something. Try and 'subtly' insert the fact that it's a modern-world pls. Story: 4.4/5: It's captivating to say the least. I don't have any advice to give you other than keep doing it. In conclusion, the novel isn't bad. There're just a few glaring flaws that need to be fixed. Overall, I give this novel a 3.8⭐! After I finish the remaining chapters, I will update my review.


Hey dear Author! You have a great writing skills and the flow with which you have written makes me feel connected to the character. It feels that you are actually watching a movie. I was actually able to imagine the storyline. Keep your hardwork going on! You are doing a great!


It's a good read... I did enjoy the story and I really want to know what happened (if Jena knocked out her mum before passing out.. Lol). The details are well elaborated to fuel the imagination; but please dont give away too much so the reader's mind still works to build more around the story. Take time especially to edit so there won't be too many errors. It's a really good one! Nice. Looking forward to the next chapter!


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