I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World Book

novel - Eastern

I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World


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Riding a flying sword, drinking wine while holding beauties, fighting against a generation of geniuses for opportunities, Who doesn't like such an Immortal World? But not if you are a mortal who got thrown amidst high level cultivators. And Long Ming felt precisely that. Opening his eyes, Long Ming saw he was in the world of immortals. He got surrounded by beauties and luxuries, but what will happen if everyone knows he is just a weak chicken? No grandpa in a ring nor a mysterious broken sword or inheritance pendant. " Where is my Golden Finger!" Long Ming shouted! At that moment, a panel opened before him. [ Ding! Host get Courting Death System!] [ Ding! Host get Goddess Protecting System!] [ Ding! Host get Scumbag System!] Long Ming then realized he got infinite systems in his disposal!


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