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“Not for the pure hearted”, huh? That’s fine, I don’t think there’s much pure hearted people left in this world, excluding little kids of course.


FYI: MC is nothing like Leylin or Fang Yuan Don't expect much from this novel, a couple chapters in and we already see the MC r*ping people from his school. I love villainous leads but this MC is incredibly short sighted, pathetic, and can only think with his shlong. Author barely explores the zombie part of the MC, only using it to boost the MC stats. You could honestly replace the zombie system with the fat panda system and you'd get the same story. Just not a story for me.


man what is webnovel doing, there are so many novels to choose from, but they pick the ones that are trash, and whats with their bloody pet/monster commanding, pokemon fetish


Wow this is terrible mc is literally like hey your pretty be my woman or else i wont gove you Food


To read this novel, you'll have to think of this MC as an animal. He is an absolute, complete, degenerate. He is such an animal that in a strange sort of way, this novel became weirdly entertaining. The MC knows what he wants, and doesn't hide under false pretense. No mask, persona, or facade here! Or at least...that's what I thought... Then came the utterly amazing chapter 19. This chapter ruined the only positive trait this MC had. He wasn't a hypocrite. The MC until now has blackmailed, and cajoled others, but he has always been true to himself. In chapter 19 this changes, now, he has even began to lie to himself. The MC in chapter 19 goes on a moral tangent, eventually convincing himself that his actions so far have been 'humane'. Righteous! That he hasn't been collecting women as se'x objects, but rather in order to protect them from the evil Apocalyptic world! This is hypocrisy on such a level that I was left speechless. Here we have an animal of a MC - r@pist, p@edophile, slaver are but few of the words you can use to describe him...declaring himself as a 'good guy' who will stay true to his humanity! I accidentally closed the entire browser in my haste to escape the horror that is this novel.


this is trash so much unexplored potential but sadly all the mc thinks of his pp i expected a morally gray or evil protagonist and now you get a depraved protagonist who is out there making all girls 'his woman'


this novel was dropped by the Author over a year ago i don't even know why they added it to WN .........................................................


Grammar is Flawless but otherwise this story feels like some 12 year olds wet dream. most of whats going on makes absolute no logic, MC goIng left and rIght thinking with his pants while othEr characters thinks its fine. aristocratic woman offering her self like a blow doll. This is absolutely freaking horrid.


Web novel, Get your mind out of the gutter and stop giving us borderline hentai. Harem sucks and will allways suck. jggidbRjatjwtke6kururuurur


I'm sorry, but this is the biggest shit I've ever read. I'm sorry I can't give you a 0. I'm also sorry that i have to write another 140 characters.


The Mc just feels like a typical scummy small time lacky of an braindead villian from a generic novel. Someone who suddenly got powerfull and is an complete and lets it go to they're head and dick no matter the situation. This is by far the worst apocalypse novel i have ever read on this site.


I would've had rate this zero if I could. Mc thinks with his dic k. after he gets to lv 2 he's straight go to dormitory to rape girls there, what the ****


The first five chapters are filled with clichés. From the sixth and seventh downhill, we have a poorly described system, a poorly written world scenario, characters that have the psychological depth of a saucer. I don't know how the rape by means of blackmail and coercion passed in the censorship as even that was badly written. Personally I will write down the author of this crap to avoid wasting my time again. A hug to the translator who had to read and translate this and not give up on his career. The translation is legible and deserves praise because nobody convinces me that the author of it wrote it with quality.


I'm on board with the turning in to a zombie system, I'm fine with selfish or slightly villainous MCs, but all this dude thinks about is finding women. It appears his only goal is to survive and sleep with anything that pleases his palette and his ego. Granted I only made it to chapter 10, but do not see this developing into a good story.


It is a torture to read this kind of novel, nothing it is logical about it. Reading too many novels is a curse, you see something is wrong with the writing and in which direction the author is heading straight away.


bruh....people here really want a perfect evil mc or grey mc...they can handle a mc killing innocent,killing kids..but cant handle a scumy mc


One of the biggest scums I’ve ever seen but I’m depraved so I like it. .....................................................................




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