I Bit Everyone and Became the Strongest Zombie Cultivator
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I Bit Everyone and Became the Strongest Zombie Cultivator


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What is I Bit Everyone and Became the Strongest Zombie Cultivator

I Bit Everyone and Became the Strongest Zombie Cultivator is a popular web novel written by the author DaisukiDayoSenpai, covering OPMC, ZOMBIEAPOCALYPSE, FANTASY, CULTIVATION, COMEDY, ADVENTURE, WEAKTOSTRONGMC, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 640.9K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 17 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 182 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


WPC #148 submission. Update: Winner of WPC#148 Bronze Reward Tang Yongrui was about to reach the Transcendence realm when a zombie virus broke out all over the globe. Instead of continuing his cultivation, he chose to 'protect' his sect from the zombies but they were greatly outnumbered. He suffered a single bite and that's how his life ended. But life is sometimes fair as it is unfair. He was given a chance to live again. Waking up five years after the Virus Outbreak had started, Tang Yongrui has to work from the ground up to ascend from the Mortal Realm to the Transcendence Realm, rebuild his sect, and annihilate the zombies that ruined his life. But to his surprise... he woke up as a one of the infected ones?! Oops!


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I just read the first chapter and it already made me laugh 😂 The story is in the MC POV and that's new for me, since every cultivation story usually used third POV. Goodluck! After 23rd Nov, maybe I could give you two stones 🙈


Good book and good selection of characters. I am not a big fan of the systems novels but this... seems intriguing to me for some reasons... Keep up the work, Author!


Such a fun story! A big thank you to the author! 👍 Cultivation + Post-apocalyptic + Zombies = Awesome. Highly recommended. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Shameless Author here reviewing his own book. This is my first time doing a mix of post-apocalyptic, cultivation, and comedy genre. If we reach 1k power stones, I will mass release five chapters! If we reach 500k views, another five chapters mass release! That’s my goal so please help me out! This is my WPC#148 entry. I hope I win something or this would be discontinued (ಥ﹏ಥ) Let's make it to the top everyone! And as always, thank you for all the support! Sincerely, DaisukiDayoSenpai


C17 Please make the MC smarter and more mature, or at least polite. I know he was a bigshot, but its irritating he keep cutting off someone else dialogue. he is exactly a muscle head just like how he describe his first disciple survivor. Other than this only problem, the whole story is very interesting.


After reading the initial free 70 chapters, I decided to leave another review for author-san. So far, the novel is on a normal pace but the world is being slowly opened to the readers. The novel really lives up to his name so I will continue reading it <additional explanation and spoilers down below so consider yourself warned :)> Practices such as cannibalism, sacrifice, hunting zombies, and survival are all depicted properly and I think the book will go down a good route. Yongrui is also leveling up normally and he isn't any weaker nor stronger against those around him, which makes it balanced. Death encounters and survival are also pictured in the book so well that you can really see the outbreak happening right before your eyes! And also, the comedy, romance and seriousness of the novel has a nice balance to it (the first part was focused on the comedic side but it gets serious down the line). I will continue reading it! Once again, good job author-san. I wish you all the best in this book :)


Although this book is still just short. It's got potential. I've read the first few chapters and had a good laugh while I'm at it. I will watch this book's growth with great interest. Congrats on your second book, author-san!




A good novel for the weekend with a cup of tea and good music to vibe with. The characters are decent and grammar are so-so but it was a good story nevertheless. Keep up the good work!


The story is something new for, but I like it so far. I liked the plot, the characters, and also the humor sense. It's totally good - can't help but to wait for what's coming next.


The premise of this book has some excellent potential already with the mixing of different genres. Although, as someone who doesn't know much outside of the apocalyptic genre I could use a little more background information on the different Realms and the sects. Just a small description for someone who is getting into this genre for the first time. Nonetheless the author still managed to get me hooked! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something new and exciting to read! Well done author!


Oh, your second book, Senpai? The title is really eye-catching and the first few chapters had a nice balance of comedy and zombie apocalypse going on. This is going to be a good novel! Keep up the good work author!


Great novel. Got hooked on the first chapter. It's definitely one I want to continue reading. Adding it to my library. Good job author. 👍


Reveal spoiler


Loved it ..... Well written Starting few chapters was alright while MC was behaving a ignorant for comic relief But gradually the story and MC's personality upgraded splendidly and MC portrayed an reliable and intelligent side. Gradually but speedingly reaching OP level. Will never regret reading this I m slowly unlocking the chapters using pass and I wish someday I could catch up with the normal updates


A pretty solid novel, from what I read. The only reason I've stopped reading was stubbornness to not use money. Otherwise I'd still be binging the novel. I'll be back later to keep reading, though.


I've read plenty of system comics and novels, few catch my eye, this one has held my attention well due to the fact that he isn't asking the system how to do everything amd is constantly getting insane op glow ups from the system...well atleast not too many to male the story go bad, the author played our the glow ups very well making them seem more natural overral instead of them just being dropped out of nowhere, so overral Love the novel, would love just a tad bit more detail into the world background ofher than that i dont see much to say anything about, great story have an amazing day/night author and keep up the amazing work, hope everything goes well with the novel!!


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