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-One Month Later-

After completing his first mission from Shield, Peter was offered multiple missions a week from then on.

Upon learning that Peter could complete missions within an hour or two, depending on the difficulty and tediousness, Shield started offloading jobs onto their newest contractor at a higher rate than they originally planned.

Of course, they now knew that Peter had some sort of teleportation ability or perhaps a frightening movement speed. Though Shield could do nothing but mark it down in their list of Spider-Man's powers.

Fury couldn't even investigate to learn what it was, as they could do nothing that Peter wouldn't pick up with his senses. Even his online presence and contact information brought back nothing they could use.

Most of the missions that Shield brought to Peter were accepted, as they seemed to be taking his morals into account. He didn't receive any assassination missions or anything that could ruin someone else's life that didn't deserve it.

Most missions were either spying, collecting information, or some sort of rescue-type mission, which Peter would always accept. So far, the only time he has declined a mission was when he was busy and it wouldn't risk someone's life if he didn't do it.

It goes without saying that all of his missions have a 100% success rate. With his super and magical powers, it was all too easy to rescue someone from a prison or steal some information.

He started making a name for himself in the spy community as well. They started calling him Ghost, as he never appears on camera and nobody has an accurate description of what he looks like.

Only Shield knows that it's Spider-Man completing these missions.

Other than the new missions he started going on, everything was normal in Peter's life. Well, normal for Spider-Man.

Candy Crush has risen to a player base of almost 1 million, and is now bringing in a whopping 3 million dollars a month. All of which came from the in-game shop, as the game itself is free.

Peter has begun to notice many of his classmates playing the game as well, which is a good sign for Candy Crush's coming growth.

As for social media, Spider-Mans presence there only grows with every passing day.

YouTube: 287,560,154

Twitter: 187,069,030

Instagram: 213,722,009

May finally talked him into going on some talk shows, which was an idea he wasn't a fan of, but she was really excited about it. Peter decided to just do it to make her happy.

Spider-Man made appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show alongside a few news stations. The news stations asked fairly tame questions, while Oprah was more of a drama baiter than Peter expected.


"Now that we've broken the ice with a few questions, I want to ask something a bit juicier. Do you mind?" Oprah asks for permission.

She didn't want to upset someone with superpowers after all.

"Sure, I may refuse to answer though." Peter nods from his seat across from her.

"Why does J Jonah Jameson have a problem with you?" Oprah asks.

"Sigh, do you want the real answer or the nice one?" Peter asks back.

"Both. Let's start with the nice one." She answers.

"Jonah is a man that's very critical of everything he sees and hears about." Peter says as if he's working overtime to say something nice.

"And the real answer?" Oprah leans forward in her chair as she asks.

"Ratings." Peter answers with a shrug. "It's the same reason you had those weird guests on your show before cementing yourself as who you are today. People want to hear about something crazy and interesting. Jonah simply lies and creates these huge scandals or theories. Sadly, a percentage of his viewers believe him."

"Oh Jesus, don't bring up those dark times..." Oprah says as she hides her face.

"Well, my mother was a fan of those times." Peter says, referring to his Aunt May as he didn't want to give out too much info. "She especially found that one episode with the cheating midget couple to be hilarious."

"Oh god, the mailman..." she mutters in agony as the studio audience starts laughing.

After that, Oprah asked some personal questions. Though Peter didn't answer about half of them, but one question certainly broke the hearts of many fans around the world.

"Are you currently in a relationship?" She asked, getting everyone in the crowd's attention instantly. "Is there a missus Spider-Man?"

"Yes, but I can't say her name." Peter answers and sees some disappointed faces in the crowd.

"Does she know you're Spider-Man?"

"Yes, I actually revealed..."

The interview continued and soon came to an end, but before leaving, Peter got Oprah to sign something for May. She was a fan after all.

After that show, J Jonah Jameson went on a week-long angry rant about Spider-Man. His show was nothing but yelling while his Twitter feed was nothing but capital letters, long paragraphs, and exclamation points.

When Peter returned home after the interview, May ran up to him and pulled Peter into a warm hug. Oprah's show isn't usually a live thing like the news, but since Spider-Man was involved they aired it live that day.

May watched it all and heard Peter refer to her as his Mother. He's only done that when he was a child and it was by accident. Hearing him genuinely refer to her as such warmed May's heart and brought tears to her eyes. Whether he did it to hide information or not didn't matter to her.

"What's this about?" Peter asked as he didn't understand why he was hugged.

"Nothing." May didn't reveal anything. "I just love you so much."

"I love you too, May."

-Flashback End-

MJ also saw him mention some small things about their relationship, which she was certainly embarrassed and happy about at the same time. Embarrassed because she didn't expect to be talked about on live TV, and happy because Spider-Mans more thirsty fans would hopefully stop pursuing him.

That's right, one of the downfalls of starting his social media accounts was thirsty fans. There are an uncountable amount of nudes in his DM's, which Peter has shown to MJ as he didn't want her to find out and misunderstand later on.

Though that's not all, as Spider-Man has entire groups of people, regardless of gender, that constantly speak out online about wanting to date him and what it would be like.

It's a crazy world out there...


Peter's magical training has also taken a step in a new direction. He has started learning to mold Eldritch Energy into weapons, which is an easy skill to pick up, but hard to master.

On the first day of practice, Peter easily made an Eldritch Whip and Tao Mandalas. The whip was infinitely easier to produce than the Tao Mandalas, but that was only because of the intricate patterns on the duel shields.

Once Peter got the patterns of the Tao Mandalas down, he could create the shields at the drop of a hat.

The harder part began with taking a step ahead of those two weapons. Eldritch energy is a fairly malleable energy, so with practice, anything could be made from it. Peter just had to practice the specific weapon and he could master forming it with enough time.

The only reason that the whip and Tao Mandalas are easier to learn is simple. The whip is nothing but a noodle of Eldritch energy, while the Tao Mandalas are similar to a spell circle, which Peter has had tons of practice with up until now.

In the past month, Peter has mastered three weapons, not including the whip and duel shields. He can currently make a huge Warhammer, Brass Knuckles, and a simple baseball bat. Peter is currently working on forming a throwing spear. Though he would master that quickly, as it's not a very complicated weapon.

As for Peter's personal life, everything seems to be going perfectly. He and MJ have been together for more than two months, without much issue. They haven't had a real argument in their relationship yet, though it would happen sooner or later. Every relationship has them, no matter which kind.

The most they've ever argued about up until now is Peter not giving her enough free gold in Candy Crush, as MJ is addicted to that game, or Peter being overly affectionate in public. Though, these arguments are carried out jokingly and he thinks that MJ may like small shows of public affection more than she lets on.

All in all, they've had a very happy and drama-free relationship.

There was a point semi-recently, where MJ asked Peter if she was his girlfriend, which he laughed at immediately.


"Don't laugh!" MJ exclaimed in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't expect that." Peter says as he pulls her in close. "I thought we were on the same page."

"Well, I think we are but I want you to say it without joking." MJ says as she looks into Peter's eyes.

"Of course, you're my girlfriend." Peter says as he pecks her on the lips.

"Good..." MJ muttered as she grabbed the back of Peter's head and pulled him into a much longer and more intimate kiss.

-Flashback End-

While Peter was uploading his last video of the month, his phone went off and a text from Natasha appeared.

Natasha: Meet at the warehouse. New mission. Time sensitive.

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