How to die at Marvel

The usual basics: a guy dies for his beloved Truck-Sama, meets Kami-Sama, gets some cool powers that will lead to a lot of trouble. He wakes up in Marvel super happy, but discovers that the world is very dangerous and to survive he has to find different ways of dying to get stronger. That's the life of Theodore Stark.

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Theo was sleeping peacefully in his room, it had been a few days since he had died by drowning and he hadn't managed to gain any more immunity.

Without warning, the system began to emit many alarms.




<Error Found>

<Error Found>

<Error Found>

"But what?" - Theo woke up startled, but before he could think, a sharp pain gripped his body.

<DNA alteration detected>

<Host undergoing mutation>

<Host's body will enter a state of sleep>.

It was the last information he heard before he lost consciousness and everything went dark again.

It was only when the sun's rays came through the window and hit Theo's face that he woke up. "What the hell was that?" - He muttered, trying to feel if there was anything different about his body.

<Host underwent a DNA mutation>

<New abilities acquired>

"New skills?" - Theo was surprised by the system's announcement. "Show me," he asked.

<New Skills>

[Telepathy Lv. MAX]

[Body Strengthening Lv. MAX]

"What the hell!" he shouted with joy when he saw what he had won. "This will help a lot with my limitations" - these abilities would cover the weaknesses he feared he would continue to have.

[Name: Theodore (Theo) Stark]

[Age: 18]

[Race: Mutant]

{Skill Tree]:

[Instant Rebirth Lv MAX].

[Apocalypse Evolution (DC) Lv MAX].

[Telepathy Lv MAX]

[Body Strengthening Lv. MAX]

Focusing on his telepathic ability, Theo was able to hear the thoughts of everyone in the house.

'How much longer do I have to work in this house, I'm a spy, not a gardener'

Young Mr Tony is so good in bed.

Will Theo grow up well?

I have to check these military agreements.

'Damn, that didn't work either'

"That ability is pretty fucked up" - Theo knew about the existence of mutants on the planet. The media often reported how dangerous they were to humans and that they were a plague.

"Now I'm a mutant myself" - He thought as he clenched his fist and activated the second ability he had gained.

Theo felt power coursing through his arm, as if his muscle fibres had become much harder. Brutal physical strength was what he had gained, his body had been improved beyond the peak an ordinary human could reach.

"I'm nothing ordinary," he thought as he laughed.

The day passed without any new problems, Theo testing his skills whenever he could.

He discovered many secrets, such as that his father was a founding member of a secret government organisation, the Shield.

The gardener was actually a spy for this organisation, placed there to provide extra security for Howard.

Tony had a secret affair with one of the maids.

Only his mother had no secrets, she was a woman who cared for her husband and children and didn't like the family's current situation.

After lunch, Theo relaxed by the pool in the garden. Wearing only a pair of shorts, he revealed his muscular body to the surrounding maids.

However, a sudden storm put an end to his relaxing afternoon.

Removing his sunglasses, Theo looked up and saw what appeared to be a large aircraft, painted completely black.

The plane landed in the vast Garden Field, and as the door opened, a few uniformed people stepped out.

A man sat in a wheelchair, followed by a beautiful, sexy redhead and a few other people.

As Theo approached, the man in the wheelchair frowned in pain.

"Are you all right, Professor?" - The redhead asked worriedly.

"Yes, Jean, I'm fine," he replied, trying to appease her. "You're a very interesting boy, aren't you? Young Stark," he smiled as he spoke to Theo, who was still lying in the pool chair enjoying the sun.

"You have to be careful my friend, you never know who might try to get inside your head" - Theo laughed at the situation as the professor had tried to use telepathy to probe his mind, but had obviously failed.

"Would you?" - Theo asked as if curious, but he already knew who these people were and Theo could also hear his father's thoughts inside the mansion, calling his friends from the Shield Organisation to intervene against the invasion.

"I am Charles Xavier, someone who is here to help you understand your new gifts," the professor introduced himself. "These are my students, the X-Men." - He pointed at Jean and the others.

"THEOOOOO" - the young man's mother shouted as she left the mansion and saw the scene of several people staring at her precious son.

"MARIA NOOOOO" - Howard, following her from behind, shouted at her not to come any closer.

Hearing the shouts, the X-Men were on standby, one of the people who had come with Charles shook hands and metal claws came out of her. This startled Theo's mother as she arrived at her son's side.

Seeing the hostility towards his mother, Theo didn't want to stop.

"Better not" - his voice was icy at the moment and the veins in his arms became more visible, his Body Strengthening ability activated to the maximum, cracking some of the ground beneath him.

"Calm down Logan, don't start a fight like always" - Jean intervened.

"I'm sorry my young friend and madam, it's all right" - Professor Xavier reassured him as Logan retracted his claws.

"We're here to help young Theo with his new powers," Xavier explained to Theo's mother.

"Powers?" - Howard, who had now arrived with his wife and son, was a little shocked by the surprise news.

Theo was still standing protectively in front of his mother. "I don't need any help, you'd better go," he said in an unfriendly tone. He controlled himself not to attack Logan after the hostility he had shown his mother.

Xavier realised that the situation wasn't good and decided to give up recruiting Theo for now. "All right, let's go back," he ordered the X-Men to get back in the jet and leave.

"Are you all right?" - His mother asked worriedly, checking on her son's condition.

"No problem Mum" - Theo smiled to reassure her.

"What's with the powers?" - Howard interrupted.

"It's nothing" - Theo replied vaguely. "I think that's enough swimming for today" - He laughed and started to walk back to the mansion.

But just after the X-Men had left, another sound disturbed their peace. Some suspicious helicopters were flying over the Starks' estate.

"Those are some friends of mine," Howard tried to reassure his wife.

As the helicopters landed, a number of heavily armed men disembarked.

"What's the situation?" - A black man asked as he approached Howard.

"Agent Fury, it's a pleasure to see you. My house has been visited by the X-Men, I want to know how that happened" - Howard used a commanding tone.

"We're doing our best to find out, sir" - Fury replied, assuring him that they would take steps to resolve the situation.

"Theodore, you'll have to go with them" - Howard used the same commanding tone with Theo.

Theo, watching the scene, started to laugh. "Hahahaha... hahahaha... I don't think I'm in the mood" - he replied, still laughing.

"Come on kid, don't make me use you the hard way" - Fury put his hand on his waistband where his gun was to threaten Theo.

Theo laughed again. "Man, you're going to suffer" - he strengthened his legs and in an instant he was in front of Fury with a clenched fist.

He hit the agent in the stomach, causing him to fall back a few metres, groaning in pain.

The other agents drew their guns.

Howard pulled his wife out of the way before the agents could fire their weapons.

The bullets hit Theo head-on, causing his mother to scream in panic. "Noooooooo" - she was shocked to see her son hit.

But when the bullets stopped, Theo was on his feet without a scratch on his skin, except for a few torn clothes.

"See you later, Mum" - he smiled sweetly at her before jumping over the agents and disappearing out of sight as he passed the wall of the mansion.